Hydrogen peroxide as sanitizer

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By Jeremy S ( on Tuesday, October 14, 2003 - 3:35 am:

Can it be used as a no-rinse sanitizer? From what I seem to remember from HS Chem. is that HP breaks down pretty quickly in the light to water. Just wonering if anyone has used it.

By Dan Mossman ( on Tuesday, October 14, 2003 - 3:46 am:

From my understanding, theoretically it would work. The problem is that it would take a *LOT* to get up to the working strenght that you would need. Also, the cost would far outweigh the benefits. It dosen't take a lot of iodine to achieve the results that you want. Personally, I use chlorine bleach (even cheaper, but for non-stainless only). I think there are much more economical ways to go- unless you have an unlimited supply of H2O2.

---Brew it up!

By cdb ( on Tuesday, October 14, 2003 - 3:53 am:

I don't think the 13% available from drug stores is really concentrated enough and in higher conc. I think peroxide can be a little dicey to handle and dispose of (I think it does unpleasant things to metallic plumbing)...bleach is cheap and can realistically be used on SS in lower conc. with limited contact time (if you have to). You can always get an iodine based sanitizer for your SS only.


By OverTheHill ( on Tuesday, October 14, 2003 - 8:43 am:

I use H2O2 all the time. Very effective and you leave it in SS for long periods. (Just happen to have a fair amount of 30% solution left over, and dilute it down to about 3%). But I do rinse everything with boiled water just before starting to brew....

By Ryan Larsen ( on Tuesday, October 14, 2003 - 1:29 pm:

You can get a small (4oz) bottle of iodophor from your local brew shop or on the net for less then $5.00. It is a no rinse sanitizer that works great. Check out this web page for more info.

It does stain my buckets an some of my tubing, depending on contact time, but it leaves no off tastes or smells.


By 4 Hounds Brewing Co. ( on Tuesday, October 14, 2003 - 3:15 pm:

Hydrogen peroxide is safe to use, and easy to dispose. 3% should sanitize a vessel without any need for a rinse. The concentrated stuff from the drug store should be handled with care.

H2O2 naturally degrades to H2O and O2 when left for a period of time. Concentrated hydrogen peroxide does not react well with plumbing but the 3% stuff should be just fine. I wouldn't soak my trap in the stuff, but a quick rinse with some water would alleviate any worry you may have.

That being said, I use iodophor and star san for all of my stuff. Iodophor for fermenters and such, star san for kegs. Iodine is cheap, easy to use and truly no rinse at low concentrations. I use one tablespoon to about 6.5 gapllons and soak for 10 minutes.



By Rene Kupfer ( on Tuesday, October 14, 2003 - 3:34 pm:

I don't think H2O2 will do anything do your metallic plumbing. However, since it is a strong oxidizer much stronger than O2, it will oxidize some of your wort components, especially the hops. So you definitely will have to rinse it.


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