Club Members are welcome to participate in the Club Store. We buy supplies in bulk, and can save all kinds of money and time finding consumables. We have grain, DME, LME, rice hulls, and all kinds of brewing chemicals. Check with our Quartermaster for a current list of what is in stock.

Club Members can also share equipment. This way you can try out items before you buy them, and get a better idea of what exactly you might spend your cash on. Some items are owned by the members, and should be returned promptly.

Brewnion Stockpiles

  Ingredient   Quantity   Price   Notes
Breiss American 2-row 40 lbs. $1.30 / lb Base Malt
Gambrinus ESB Malt 10 lbs. $1.30 / lb Specialty Malt
Beeston Golden Promise 8 lbs. $1.35 / lb Specialty Malt
Saaz 12 oz $1.00 / oz 2.6% alpha
Mt. Hood 6 oz $1.00 / oz 4.1% alpha