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I don't up-date this stuff as much as I do my site at chattanooga.net/~cdp .  Check there for the latest and maybe additional stuff.
Homebrewing Stuff
Latest RIMS  New 3/03 Rectangular cooler, slotted manifold and controller
Sankey Keg Electric Boiler   Revised 3/03 Feed it 4.5 kW and it rocks- photos now included
Starter Bag Make starters in a bag
Stratification in "Electric-fired" HLTs New 12/03 Stirrers and other alternatives
A Simple Temperature Controller Used on a brew fridge- made for <$20
Cornie Keg Fermenter Has internal cooling. 
3 and 6 liter Pop Bottle Mini-Keg New, simpler design uses a leak proof co2 connector
Chattanooga Homebrewing Club Brief info and link to the club's page
An Old RIMS Drawings, controller schematic + programming and graphs.
Hop Trellis 16-18' tall freestanding teepee, made from EMT
Sight Gauge How to fit a sight gauge to a Sankey keg boiler
Freezing Yeast Store yeast for 2+ years.  A how-to guide
Racking Brew Some methods I don't see alot on the net about
Connecting Vinyl Tubing to Stuff Kinda elementary, but maybe useful
Thermistors for Temp. Measurment Make a cheap temperature probe
Microwave Starter Prep. Method Uses a sealable bag
Starter Jar Make starters in a mason jar in the microwave with NO BOILOVERS!
Electric Wort Boiler    The old one Made from plastic pails. Includes a powered stirrer
Concrete Roller Grain Mill A continuing saga..
Counter Pressure Bottler Plans and directions for rolling your own
Hop-Back Plans, instructions and ramblings
Boiler Manifold for racking wort off of hops and trub
Fluid Level Transducer Electronic monitor the levels of liquids
Vinegar How to make it

April Fools Brewing Humor
Beer Holder 2000 Very provocative- includes an engineering evaluation.
WRIMS   1997 Convert your wife's washing machine to a RIMS
Moo Cow   1998 A really fast combo wort chiller & oxygenator

Forthcoming: (i.e., someday...):
The temperature controller for a fermenter and beer fridge.
A foam sensor/controller for preventing boilovers.  A gizmo for logging fermentation rate.

Favorite Links:
    Favorite Pages by Fellow HomeBrewers: (Gadget oriented)
Rick Calley's great site.  (alas, it no longer there....)
Ken Schwartz's excellent page on his Plastic Electric Brewery
Marty Tippins' Homebrew Gadgets Page.
Fermentation Chamber plans and instructions by Ken Schwartz.
Geoff's Brewing Setup - Lots of very good ideas!
Dion Hollenbeck's excellent brewing site- filled/gadgets
The Brewery's RIMS links

    Nice Beer Pages
Home Brew Digest Site- The best IMHO
The Real Beer Page Good Info on Micros and Brew Pubs
All-Grain Homebrewing Page Lots of good info!.

    Electronics Sites:
Parallax Inc. Makers of the STAMP computer on a chip.
All Electronics Good folks to deal with and good prices.
Maxim Makers of great chips, lots of data sheets.
Dallas Semiconductors Another favorite chip maker.
Motorola Semiconductors Has a nice searchable database of their chips.

    Misc. Sites:
Plumbing supplies (I wonder what'll be on the web next...Actually, this is a good outfit)

Comments or questions are usually welcomed: cdp@chattanooga.net