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Stick a fork in this place, Part II
Tune for the Times
Only in Memphis . . .
Beer dreams
Chromebook instead of new desktop/laptop
70s versus 80s music
An end of an era
A couple of tools?
Not me!
Escaped lay-off
The wire
Tea Party
Surviving the Storm
Diesel generators?
He Didn't Brew That!
The Great Taste of the Midwest
Totally off topic
Aces and eights
Wood fired pizza oven kicks butt!
CFL bulbs
Happy winter solistice, everybody!
The War on Drugs
Just a theory
One for the computer geeks
My thoughts go to all Americans today.
Boat, some assembly required
Wood fired pizza ovens
"homebrewing" madness
Terror in Norway
Can some liberal explain this
Religious Levity . . .
Cast iron seasoning
Scott Walker's War on Craft Beer
Marshall Matt Dillon . . RIP
Memorial Day
If you were Mitch Daniels.....
Poor Guy
Osama bin Laden no more
Iv'e been Censored on the AHA Forum
An obvious forgery . . . .
Never Forget Today Either
Texas Ordinance of Secession
My Legislature is Dumber than Your Legislature
Average US income
Conducting a Test
Dow above 12,000, S&P 500 above 1300
Funny Danish names
Ain't she sweet?
The River Camp
We no longer deserve to be a nation
Hey Mike Huss
A Pasing
Alcohol sales: blue laws
Mystery Contrail
Veterans Day
Look Ma!
You OK Graham?
Enthusiastic astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson
"Victory at river" or Whatever
Watch Yourself, Chumley!
Why can't I own a Canadian?
Which type are you?
The REAL cause of the economic meltdown
Compulsive Liar
Disturbing findings
Christian intellectual honesty
Sense from the right
This one should concern those on either side of the aisle.
Fire Obama. Not McChrystal
...and now for something completely different!
Oh, Israel ...
Irony Overload
Fantastic stand-up!
My Boys at Open Mic the other night
German show host gets his ass kicked
Competitive relaxation
CO2/Global Warming (Moved from Brews & Views)
Rec on stand-up desks
Co-Worker Killed last night
Heads Up, Chumley!
Reading Dawkins
Any regrets?
2010 census
From a thoughtful conservative
What a beautiful speech...
Designing a Brewery
I'm voting Democrat because...
"A New Direction For America"
XP Internet Security
Am I the only one
Software dispute.
What does my 3 year old and....
When the Winter Olympics finally end....
Will they heed their own words?
Asbestos in home
Capn' Phil Harris . .Dead
Playoff Picks
What does my 3 year old and....
VHS to DVD conversion
Tiger Woods, Person of the Year
'Tis the (winter) season
On relative merit
Crazy for God
On behalf of the Norwegian people...
While everyone was going gaga over Tiger Woods...
Happy December!
Teleprompter Malfunction
It was an act of Islamist Terror
Supporting Veterans
Where is it?
Six Cane Strokes for Drinking Beer
Congratulations, Obama
Thank your local Veteran
Why do people laugh at creationists?
DOW below 9000
Sammiclone BJCP?
Don't Mess With Texas....
Saying Goodbye
Edward M. Kennedy, 1932-2009
They breed like rats!
Free Healthcare in the US
A wedding!
Cheap Trick Still Rocks!
$90 Pizzas
Hey Graham
Obama vs. Obama on the Stimulus
Liberals sink to new low
34 years!
Sarah Palin and Why Quitters Never Win
Michael Jackson
Great letter from a lady in AZ
Take it from the experts...American Capitalism Gone With ...
Alcohol makes EVERYTHING Better
First in beer and now this
Bands: On the way up, and down
Motorcycle School
This one is kinda scary!
Big day
Nancy Pelosi: Liar
Wanda Sykes
Oklahoma Claims Sovereignty...
More evidence of media bias
Did any of you go to a tea party yesterday??
Great News
Jim Cramer
Recession impact on your brewing?
One thing I can praise Obama for
Lies (And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them)
And you say there is no media bias...
The Daily Show vs CNBC
Ayn Rand
Stimulus bill
Nice to know Russia is rooting for us
Bad Times are Ahh Coming
Selective Service System, the draft is back
Good times are ah come'in!
Obama's First Collossal Blunder
Raw Hatred
Congratulations Obama
Barack Hussein Obama
Hey Chumley
Witch Hunt looms...
The tyranny and oppression is finally OVER
'Splain this one to me
The night we waved goodbye to America... our last best ho...
What do you do with 2 weeks left...
Where is the $750 Billion going?
Troops Wary about Obama
To Bail or Not to Bail
The great adventure
Moustache Wax
Another Friend Obama will have to distance himself from...
Sign The Petition
Johnny Cash
Georgia's senate runoff
White Guilt is Dead
Who is Barack Obama?
How Obama got elected
The Washington Post admits it - "Yeah, we're biased"...
America the Illiterate
An interesting survey about media bias
And he's off
Mini Nuclear?
Bad news for Skot & Dan
Today's the day
Call the Election
The "Rich"
Today's rant: Drunk parents
It's all my fault....
Did YouTube kill the video?
McCain's Advisors......
Obama's Buddies
Post yer punkins!
Please Explain????
Rats and the Sinking Ship
Actual research on tax rates - hold on to your wallets!
A letter to Obama - from Cory the well driller
Would the Last Honest Reporter Please Turn On the Lights?
Spreading the Wealth Around
Happiness Gap
An interesting video about the housing crisis
God will do the right thing...
My new hero.
Liberal Media Bias
Changes In The Workplace
Sing for Change Obama
Get a weeks worth of money out of the bank Now!
What we need to do now
O'Reilly Tears Barney Frank a new one.
DOW Below 10K.....
Ig Nobel Prizes
Letters of Recomendation
I think Palin kicked A$$
SNL Palin skit
Way to go, Dan!
Countrywide, Lehman,, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae...
Scary Stuff
Things are looking up
Biden is a Joke
Pelosi pre-vote speech
Debate play by play
John Murtha - Scumbag
Quote of the day (Smearing Sarah Part II)
Obama's "Truth Squads"
Home-brewer arrested after making poppy beer
Religion and irony
Smearing Sarah
The Lying King (Palin vs the Media)
Obama test
Laffer Curve
Tough day in the markets ahead
Totally off topic and highly self serving
Post Turtle
RIP Richard Wright
Tina Fey vs. Sarah Palin
Go back about 28 years
The notion that no one is above the law
Identity Crisis? or Freudian Slip...
Lots of choices here
Interesting speech
National Education, National Healthcare
Antidote to Election Acrimony (funny as hell)
On a lighter note...
Envy. Cold, rank, envy.
Feeling bad for Republicans
Hop plants as source of cellulosic ethanol?
Conserving Gas will cost you.
Pickens Plan
Single Malt Scotch Advice
Fannie mac
Latest Demotivator
A Brief Moment of Sanity
Google Streetscapes
Joshua the Stone Cutter
Digital cornykegs
Separated at birth?
Solar Panel Help
Say What????
Life insurance
Maybe Ben Franklin Was Right . . .
And now for something REALLY scarry
Anybody Else on TVA Power Grid?
Sir Arthur C. Clarke, RIP
OpenOffice reviews
Welcome to Georgia, please leave your Liberty and Freedom...
Coulter endorses Hillary
My Consolation
401k advice
Americans Slam News Media on Believability
NFL Playoffs
A nation of morons
*** H. Clinton *** (for Dan)
Teddy Bear
Stupid People????
Global Warming: It's All Bill Pierce's Fault!
PhpBB or SMF??
Global Warming Revisited
The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost
Any tips or tricks for online ticket buying (World Series...
Socialized Dentistry
Alcohol "Abuse" study
The meaning of "freedom"
Rant!: What is with lazy parents lately???
What Changed Lately ?
The real reason behind the War on Terror?
Healthcare II
Figuring out chicks
The Jolly Brewer Facing Hard Times???
Coach Carr Should be Fired This Afternoon!
Seeking advice on a tooth situation
Floods Cause Widesprad Panic in Ireland
A tale of two houses
Ads You Won't See Anymore
Why the animosity towards Dan?
Creation Museum
Jail for Michael Vick?
The Best Health Care in the World
The ultimate DUI
Whale Oil Beef Hooked.
Please help! Translation question
Ah, Global Warming
Over population?
Coping DVD
German Vacation
Happy Independence Day
MS Surface Computing
Life in the "Gret Stet of Looz-ana"
Proud Papa
Non-Brewing Technical question.
Nuclear energy
Driving Music
Sam Harris lecture
Applying To Become An Illegal
Alternative Minimum Tax
A Consistent Theory of Fundamental Physics
May 1st rally of illegals
Playstation and Nintendo stupidity
Virginia Tech Massacre
Alcohol 'as dangerous as heroin'
Baby Pigeons!
Separated at birth?
Do you find my signature bigoted? ELK
Any electricians out there?
Any structural engineers ?
Go, Giuliani!
RIP Brad Delp (lead singer of Boston)
Digital Camcorder
First the sheep herders and now mechanics???
Air Force Museum
Universal Remotes -
LCD vs Plasma
My birds Xmass present to me!
Saddam to hang by 10 pm EST
Here's to Gerald Ford
How can Saddam take responsibility
Oregon Beer Taxes
Peaches en Regalia
What would you do?
Any of you guys listen to bluegrass?
It is all in how the story is written
Anyone fry a turkey before
Irony in the headlines...
I wish I could buy
Finally something worth debating.
Veteran's Day
Thomas Sowell
Congratulations Democrats
New York Times
Death to Saddam!
The foreign angle
The Kerry Kerfuffle
Forget Democrat vs Republican. Think Citizen
I'm voting Democrat because... I'm a jihadist
Forget "Democrat" or "Republican"; think Citizen...
Not being a Democrate, my vote wont count
Obituary for Mr. Common Sense
Warning for the obnoxiously sensitiive: very much non-PC
Hunting large beasts
" The List " of Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 4 Mon...
CBGB's Closing
Blame Bush?
Will George Bush do this?
Da Bears
Is our two-party system a good thing?
Tsk, tsk George
Online Gambling Illegal?
Amazing Photos
Any speaker builders here?
Here's to the Croc Hunter
I think I could come up with a lot more to spend my money...
Middle East Stuff 2
Keyboard Help
Looking for cheap info - not beer related what-so -ever
Never buy a Motorola product
Le Tour
Middle east stuff
RIP Syd . . .
Ken Lay dies of heart attack
Joe Liberman - Selling out CT yet again
"Bush's Folly" Hits Home
Stephen Hawking
A final toast to my favorite homebrewer
Raising a beer to celebrate. . .
Here's to Bill Pierce
The Onion
R- Rated beer add!
Water thiefs
Super nifty computer use tip
New Donald Fagen album - Steely Dan fans
Nascar What is NBC thinking of?
Nascar Bashers =>> ENTER
Oscars and Brokeback Mountain
Arab takeover of American ports
Favorite Superbowl Commercial
Conservatives Win in Canada??
Patriot Act expands its influence . . .
Fashion police
New York Times Headlines, December 2006
Shhhh....Be vewwy vewwy quiet....
Whoa, Nellie!
Help HomeBrewers team beat the MillerTime team
A show of troop support
Stereo for brewery
Merry Christmas to All of You!
The Fugitive
Favorite line in a movie?
Deer Hunters?
Ahhhhh sweet sweet Revenge
My dog is dying
Hurricane Survival Checklist
Sexual Predator Alert
Jazz Lovers
Shrinking Deficit
Bible Class: Bring your questions here.
Evolutionary point of religion/philosophy?
Guy shot dead by police was no terrorist
Religion, Church, & God part II
Poll: Religion and Churchgoing and God
Katrina Relief Botched or Bushed
National Geographic article on New Orleans
Most scientific papers are probably wrong
Was Jesus a liberal?
Gas Prices
Lions and elephants on the Great Plains?
Food for thought
Holding Without Charge
RIP, Scotty
Well done, Lance
THe terrorists are at it again!!!
Hurrican Season Already!
Right to Drunkenness
Sports Headline
The Liberal Wing of the Supreme Court Just Ruled
Do you believe in Sasquatch
G8 Summit / Live 8 Concert
Good 'uns
Fair Tax
Liberal and proud of it
Liberal and Proud of it 2 (or, I'm tired of scrolling)...
War, peace and social policy
Middle-aged med and red cars
Thank you veterans
Minnesota booze tax hike
Could you have survived this?
How 'bout them Eagles!
Scariest News Story in a While
Credit cards
We got him!
Mailing entries for competitions
My essay on Bush and Iraqi foreign policy. (Long)
Plans for the next four years
Saving Denny's thread
Is it a mandate?
Dimebag Thoughts
Kerry = Loser Loser = Kerry
What does it take to be a president.
Ensuring fair and accurate elections
Bush = Idiot, Idiot = Bush
Bush, "the white O.J." ?
Why doesn't Bush support our troops?
Presidential Election
W is a freakin' nazi!
Please elect Kerry
Allawi blames US military
Did Pat Robertson lie?
The Presidential Debates
The muslim violence
Mark Thatcher arrested
RE: Anyone else from Mexico?
Our American Flag
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