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Those poor hockey players
Conditioning yourself for snowmobiling
Birthday Card
...on craigslist
5 minute management course
Baptist Cowboy
Some non-politic humor
10 Steps to Extended Massive Orgasm
Just a misunderstanding
The Divorce agreement
4 free tickets available
God's Busy
Aunt Karen
The dead horse
NINJA HAULER: 2005 Nissan Xterra from CL
The Indian Student
Face Cream
Do not lose your grand kids at the mall
Jane & Tarzan
Dan, I found your dog...
I want ice cream
Natty Boh adds
Vintage Ballantine ad
Happy Halloween! Is this your Front Porch?
Needs a push
The Best Viral Video Ever
Passing the Torch
Teens Get Drunk on Award-Winning Microbrew
The Guys’ Rules
Men have better friends
How to Make a Good Criminal: 101
The best cartoon ever
Things that are difficult to say when drunk
Drunk Monkeys
What's your favorite prescription drug side-effect?
Are The Chinese Ready Ror The Olympics?
The Onion's take on the barley shortage
A gun in the house?
The Fast-Track to Hell
Two Old Men
Charlie Bit Me!
When Insults Had Class
A Primer on Common Tools
A man with a gun
Some Fun Homebrew T-shirts
Interview with a guy with a 6-pack hat
Political Science for Dummies
Just some groan humour
Revenge of the Animator...
Democrat, Republican, or a Southerner
Greetings all!
The Painting
I love you in 25 languages
Driving a car with his wife
A Frog Goes to a Bank
Success is...
A different approach...
After all these years...
Be a man
E-mail soapbox
The vegetable...
The Genie
Ed's funeral...
The riddle
Words of wisdom
Marine and terrorist
Three strangers
Hot Air
How to Call the Police
I need coffee
Good one
Back-to-back O'Blonde
US Postal Service Issues Recall
The South
The Atlanta Airport
The Schedule
Saying the right thing
Big Earthquake hits Mexico
secret picture
Only in Arkansas . . .
Big joke
History Lesson
Pearls Before Swine
Wal Mart has everything
Scam alert
Irish brewery accident
Beer Joke
Lawyer jokes!!!!
Last minute gift idea
Beer vs. Nortel Stock
The bastard love-child of Metallica and the Beatles
Drunk Pirate
Love in a canoe
The Golden Years
New FDA regs.
Another young beer drinker
The Great White North
A Monkey Walks Into a Bar....
Dogs and Saloons
Scotch joke
One drink maximum
Some New Rules
Drug Dealers and Hookers
Let's compile a brewing glossary
Crude but funny
"Let's pretend"
Naked Skydiving
Truth in advertising
The Happy Grandpa
Just too funny
OpPolitical Jokes
Really silly names for ales
Found it: PTA at his computer
A Day at the Zoo
Beer and Your Health
Check this out!
Sex with a very large woman
REAL Christmas humor
Barf joke
Contractors at the Pearly Gates
Optical Illussion
Blond jokes
How true, How true!
Vodka and Prune Juice
Ha ha
12 Days of Xmas
New uses for that wort chiller
Train, train
Bad cut, paste, and edit job
Meat... Or accident?
Redneck translator
3 irish guys and 3 english guys take a train
Some people can't tell a joke
Attention Cheesehead
Random Beer Name Generator
Walks into..
Gorrilla joke
Mr. T name generator
"Two pickets to Tittsburgh"
Defending the Honor of Texas
Beer Troubleshooting Guide
Robotic bottle opner
Truth about Beer
The Perfect Day
B&V in the news!
One more from Vegas
Another riddle from Vegas
New Sheriff in Town
Gorilla joke
A riddle from Vegas
A gorilla walks into a bar ...
Bin Lauden
Old yeller
Frog wart
The Lone Ranger walks into a bar . . .
Christmas humour
Two Shrooms
A duck walks into a bar...
American holiday
Snail joke
This is what it has come to...
Why Guys Aren't Secretaries
New Beer Jokes on this site.
The Beer Prayer
May Make you want to drink real beer...
Had to share this...
Real beer
The old Budweiser defense
Off subject, but pertinate...
Did everyone have a happy...
OK, One more
My brewery
Irony at its finest
World's youngest Saranc fan....
Strange head on my last beer...
Bud better than Old Style?
Keep those pesky BATF agents away
Female hormones in beer?
Why men are not secretaries...
Monkey business
Get me a beer
A Beer Is Better Than A Woman
Computer Upgrade we all need
How to get the police to open a beer for you
Christmas brewing
Do not drink homebrew while reading this..
Christmas brewing
The mind of a six year old - True Story
Vote Early. Vote Often. Vote Gump.
The Shed Build Gone Wrong and Viral
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