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Use the following list as a reference when entering the desired carbonation level. The typical range for each beer style (in volumes of CO2) is shown.


Enter the desired volumes of CO2:

Choose a method: Bottle Priming Kegging

This section calculates priming rates by weight, not volume. See these articles by Mark Hibberd and Dave Draper for the rational. Also, see the Bottle Priming Widget page for more information.

Metric Users: Type an L after the number if entering volume by liters (example: 23L). Append a C if entering temperatures in Celsius (example: 16C).

Enter the amount of beer being bottled. This is typically less than the final volume because of racking losses, etc...

Volume being bottled (gallons):
Beer temperature at bottling (°F): Residual CO2: -

Priming Ingredient: Corn Sugar Cane Sugar Dried Malt Extract Honey

Fermentability* (%): This field is updated when you select a sugar (above).

Recommended quantity: - (-)

* Fermentability, as used here, is the percentage of CO2 produced as compared to sucrose (cane sugar).

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