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Areas to be worked on include:

Mash strike/infusion water calculations
Water chemistry calculations
Other hop bitterness formulas


11/25/98: Added the all-in-one ingredients page for a quicker start when entering your recipe. [Version 2.2]
11/19/98: Now using cookies to make it easier to update or remove a recipe you've previously posted. Adjusted bottle priming rates to agree with the Bottle Priming Widget.
6/26/98: Improved the discussion board allowing you to read whole threads on a single page, use HTML in messages, preview messages before posting, automatically highlight URLs typed in a message, set viewing options, etc...
4/6/98: Did some work on the recipe database browser. The frames mode works much better now.
2/23/98: Added support for cookies in the discussion group. Now every time you visit, new messages will automatically be flagged for you.
1/27/98: Added beer styles guide and carbonation calculator. [Version 2.1]
11/28/97: Major overhaul: added support for metric, simplified use of the spreadsheet, improved the graphics, added the discussion group. [Version 2.0]
7/21/97: Moved to the server.
5/22/97: Debut of the online database of recipes created with the Beer Recipator. [Version 1.1]
4/17/97: Added a seperate page for calculating hydrometer temperature corrections.
4/1/97: Extract recipes using specialty grains are now handled better. A "steeping efficiency" value can now be entered to better predict OG with an extract batch. No fooling. :-)
3/25/97: Added the inline comments form to make it more convenient for people to send feedback. Thanks to those who've taken the time to write!
3/14/97: Fixed a typo that caused Lovibond ratings of 500 or more to be rejected. Also, there were problems with certain characters (like & and ") in the recipe report.
3/12/97: Some people were experiencing problems because they didn't input certain numbers (like the mash efficiency or boil volume), so I added some bright red error messages to indicate when vital information is missing.
Some browsers on Macintosh computers insist upon terminating their lines with only a CR, so this caused a problem with wrapping lines in the recipe report. I think I have it fixed.
3/11/97: The Beer Recipator is ready to go! [Version 1.0]

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