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The Brewery
Hopping Rates of Malt Extracts
Hop Variety Specifications
Recipe Formulation by Brian Smithey
Measuring Beer Color by Dave Whitman
The Real Beer Page
The Hop Page by Glenn Tinseth
Norm Pyle's Hops FAQ
Brewing Techniques Magazine
Recipe Formulation
Brewing Ingredients
Brewing Styles
American Wheat Beers by Roger Bergen
Oktoberfest Alternatives by Roger Bergen
Porters: Then and Now by Roger Bergen
A Stout Companion by Roger Bergen.
California Steaming by Roger Bergen
India Pale Ale, Part I and Part II by Thom Tomlinson
American Porters by Ben Jankowski
Witbier: Belgian White by Martin Lodahl
Old, Strong and Stock Ales by Martin Lodahl
Belgian Trappists and Abbey Beers by Martin Lodahl
Kölschbier by Forrest Williams
Pre-Prohibition American Lagers by George Fix
Create Your Own Recipe by Jeff Frane
1998 AHA Style Descriptions
HOPUNION U.S.A. - Hop data and information
Briess Malting Company - Product information sheets
Wyeast Laboratories - Yeast
White Labs - Yeast


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