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Those poor hockey playersSteve Ruch11-25-12  04:08 pm
Conditioning yourself for snowmobilingPaul Hayslett02-14-11  01:39 pm
Birthday CardRic Heinz01-24-11  01:39 pm
...on craigslistJulie W11-10-10  01:50 am
5 minute management courseTony Legge10-09-10  11:27 am
BaitConnie 08-13-10  09:12 pm
Baptist CowboyBill Pierce10-12-09  01:09 am
Some non-politic humorDenny Conn07-25-09  07:47 pm
10 Steps to Extended Massive OrgasmTim C.06-28-09  12:02 am
Just a misunderstandingJoakim Ruud06-27-09  09:48 pm
The Divorce agreementMiker13 06-11-09  09:46 pm
4 free tickets availableKevin Kowalczyk05-22-09  04:05 am
Math....Kevin Kowalczyk03-24-09  01:31 pm
God's BusyJoakim Ruud28 03-20-09  07:39 am
Aunt KarenConnie 03-19-09  12:50 pm
The dead horseKevin Kowalczyk02-12-09  04:51 pm
NINJA HAULER: 2005 Nissan Xterra from CLKevin Kowalczyk01-30-09  10:26 pm
The Indian StudentConnie 01-15-09  09:34 pm
Face Creamdhacker01-01-09  04:08 am
Do not lose your grand kids at the mallKevin Kowalczyk12-30-08  05:11 am
Jane & TarzanBob Wall12-04-08  09:20 pm
Dan, I found your dog...Bob Wall11-25-08  10:41 pm
I want ice creamConnie 11-13-08  12:59 am
Natty Boh addsDan Listermann11-01-08  03:15 am
Vintage Ballantine adDan Listermann15 10-30-08  12:22 am
Happy Halloween! Is this your Front Porch?Paul Hayslett10-23-08  07:22 pm
Needs a pushKeith M Williams10-22-08  08:35 pm
VOTE FOR MERobert10-09-08  04:31 pm
The Best Viral Video Ever Robert10-09-08  04:30 pm
Passing the TorchDan Listermann18 08-12-08  06:45 pm
Teens Get Drunk on Award-Winning MicrobrewKevin Kowalczyk07-25-08  03:36 pm
The Guys’ Rules Keith M Williams07-19-08  02:32 pm
Men have better friendsConnie 07-07-08  10:26 pm
How to Make a Good Criminal: 101Keith M Williams07-01-08  05:56 pm
The best cartoon everBob Wall06-22-08  11:39 pm
Things that are difficult to say when drunk Connie 06-01-08  03:59 am
Drunk MonkeysBob Wall05-06-08  04:34 am
What's your favorite prescription drug side-effect?Bob Wall05-06-08  04:32 am
Signdhacker04-29-08  10:55 pm
The Onion's take on the barley shortageRobert04-14-08  10:37 pm
A gun in the house?Bill Pierce14 04-11-08  12:58 pm
The Fast-Track to HellBob Wall04-01-08  03:04 am
Two Old MenConnie 03-24-08  06:49 pm
Charlie Bit Me!Bob Wall03-23-08  04:53 pm
When Insults Had ClassJ Holland03-16-08  05:20 am
A Primer on Common ToolsKeith M Williams03-11-08  09:15 pm
A man with a gunConnie 03-06-08  03:55 am
Some Fun Homebrew T-shirtsPatrick C.13 03-05-08  02:38 am
Interview with a guy with a 6-pack hatKevin Kowalczyk01-30-08  07:37 pm
Political Science for DummiesKevin Kowalczyk01-30-08  07:29 pm
Just some groan humourBelly Buster Bob01-28-08  08:48 pm
Revenge of the Animator...dhacker01-27-08  12:38 pm
Democrat, Republican, or a SouthernerMike Huss01-11-08  09:48 pm
CanadianChumley01-11-08  09:01 pm
Greetings all!Louise Geeeez01-11-08  04:14 pm
The PaintingConnie 01-09-08  03:48 pm
I love you in 25 languagesConnie 01-07-08  04:41 am
Driving a car with his wife Vance Barnes12-18-07  07:30 pm
WORLD WAR III IS COMINGConnie 12-08-07  04:48 am
A Frog Goes to a BankDenny Conn12-08-07  01:44 am
ShipwreckedKirk M.12-06-07  10:59 am
Success is...Kirk M.12-06-07  10:37 am
A different approach...Kirk M.12-06-07  10:17 am
After all these years...Kirk M.12-06-07  10:05 am
Be a manJim DeShields12-06-07  01:15 am
E-mail soapboxSkotrat11-27-07  03:10 pm
The vegetable...Kirk M.11-25-07  08:36 pm
The GenieConnie 11-23-07  02:29 am
Ed's funeral...Kirk M.11-21-07  08:52 pm
The riddleDrew Pattison11-16-07  08:24 pm
Words of wisdomBill Pierce11-15-07  05:42 pm
Marine and terroristBill Pierce16 11-15-07  02:42 pm
Three strangersBill Pierce11-12-07  06:14 pm
Hot AirTom Burk10-05-07  10:45 pm
WelfareConnie 10-05-07  12:11 am
How to Call the PoliceJason Bentley09-27-07  04:19 pm
I need coffeePaul Hayslett09-27-07  12:51 pm
Good oneBob Wall09-21-07  09:21 pm
Back-to-back O'Blondedhacker08-15-07  01:30 am
US Postal Service Issues RecallBob Wall07-29-07  07:15 pm
The SouthBill Pierce07-29-07  03:28 pm
The Atlanta AirportChumley07-17-07  11:10 pm
The ScheduleSkotrat07-14-07  01:08 am
Saying the right thingConnie 07-04-07  05:24 pm
$10Bob Wall06-27-07  04:16 pm
Big Earthquake hits MexicoMarlon Lang05-23-07  11:51 pm
secret picture ivanna05-17-07  08:21 pm
Only in Arkansas . . .Dan Listermann10 05-06-07  06:50 pm
FluctuationsConnie 05-06-07  03:07 pm
Big jokeivanna04-30-07  05:48 pm
History LessonJohn Nixon04-08-07  03:09 pm
Pearls Before SwineDan Listermann04-02-07  08:21 pm
Wal Mart has everythingConnie 03-26-07  03:59 pm
Scam alertBrewtun03-22-07  12:50 pm
Irish brewery accidentBob Wall03-22-07  05:11 am
Beer JokeDavid Beckerdite01-10-07  05:03 am
Lawyer jokes!!!!Brian Johnson01-04-07  11:13 am
Last minute gift ideaJake Isaacs12-19-06  04:45 pm
Beer vs. Nortel Stockpoker casino96303-07-06  01:34 am
The bastard love-child of Metallica and the Beatlespoker casino66303-07-06  01:33 am
Drunk Piratepoker casino93303-07-06  01:21 am
Love in a canoepoker casino45303-07-06  01:10 am
The Golden Yearspoker casino23803-07-06  01:06 am
Dinerpoker casino35203-07-06  01:05 am
New FDA casino76103-07-06  12:33 am
Another young beer drinkerpoker casino80303-07-06  12:13 am
The Great White Northpoker casino7203-07-06  12:09 am
A Monkey Walks Into a casino98903-06-06  09:39 pm
Guinnesspoker casino9103-06-06  07:25 pm
Dogs and SaloonsBeee-yah01-18-06  11:25 am
Scotch jokeBeee-yah01-18-06  09:14 am
One drink maximumMike Huss01-16-06  09:22 pm
Some New RulesMike Huss11-15-05  02:51 pm
Drug Dealers and HookersSteve Sampson11-14-05  02:27 pm
Let's compile a brewing glossarySean Richens11-14-05  03:29 am
Crude but funnyBill Aimonetti10-18-05  04:01 am
"Let's pretend"Doug Pescatore09-14-05  01:42 am
Naked SkydivingHeath09-13-05  12:21 am
Truth in advertisingJoshua Coman08-27-05  06:50 pm
The Happy GrandpaKen Anderson08-24-05  11:57 pm
Just too funny radinator07-19-05  07:24 pm
OpPolitical JokesDan Listermann12 10-28-04  09:45 pm
Really silly names for alesJim Cain10-16-04  03:01 pm
Found it: PTA at his computerHophead09-24-04  03:59 pm
Vikings Egor the Orange09-11-04  07:22 am
A Day at the ZooMarlon Lang07-29-04  01:10 am
Beer and Your HealthMark Bushey07-04-04  03:27 am
Check this out!el_mocoso06-23-04  08:48 pm
Sex with a very large womanBig Brewin'03-21-04  12:59 am
REAL Christmas humorBig Brewin'03-09-04  03:20 am
Barf jokeRuss11-08-03  01:50 am
Contractors at the Pearly GatesJoe Verona10-24-03  12:58 am
Optical IllussionPalerThanAle09-24-03  07:48 pm
Blond jokesTimothy Wulfers08-21-03  08:25 pm
How true, How true!John Jacox08-19-03  12:25 am
Vodka and Prune Juicebrewknob06-29-03  05:37 pm
FranceLilboybrew03-13-03  04:07 pm
Ha haBill Tobler01-23-03  08:00 pm
12 Days of Xmasdavidw12-27-02  07:09 pm
New uses for that wort chilleraquavitae11-22-02  08:22 pm
Train, trainaquavitae11-08-02  01:59 pm
Bad cut, paste, and edit jobMan Brewer10-18-02  04:53 pm
Meat... Or accident?Jeff Hosea10-04-02  09:39 pm
Redneck translatorJeff Hosea09-24-02  07:41 pm
3 irish guys and 3 english guys take a trainmichael murphy09-20-02  08:25 pm
Some people can't tell a jokeBill Pierce09-19-02  09:40 pm
Attention CheeseheadFromagetete09-09-02  01:15 pm
Random Beer Name Generatorjust_brewit09-04-02  11:12 pm
Walks into..PalerThanAle08-23-02  06:54 pm
Gorrilla jokebrewknob07-31-02  10:58 pm
Mr. T name generator Bill Pierce07-29-02  06:58 pm
"Two pickets to Tittsburgh"Bill Pierce06-30-02  12:38 am
Defending the Honor of TexasEd Jones06-29-02  07:46 pm
Beer Troubleshooting GuideSteve Oswald06-27-02  06:40 pm
Robotic bottle opnerjust_brewit04-26-02  05:00 pm
Truth about BeerAndrew Taylor04-03-02  03:22 pm
The Perfect DayChuck03-26-02  09:28 pm
B&V in the news!Nathi03-21-02  06:16 pm
POEMLilboybrew03-09-02  11:38 pm
One more from VegasJohn Bonney02-01-02  07:22 pm
Another riddle from VegasVinnie the Riddler02-01-02  03:10 pm
New Sheriff in TownRobert Bryson01-29-02  05:36 am
Gorilla jokebrewknob01-29-02  12:23 am
A riddle from VegasVinnie the Riddler01-28-02  03:56 pm
A gorilla walks into a bar ...jdura01-08-02  10:01 pm
Bin Laudengreg01-05-02  11:42 am
Old yellerJustin Bruett01-01-02  10:48 pm
Frog wartCard Carrying Americ12-28-01  06:58 pm
The Lone Ranger walks into a bar . . . carnie12-27-01  08:25 pm
Christmas humourJan deGruyf12-21-01  08:01 pm
PhilisophyBryan J German12-19-01  01:50 am
Two ShroomsCard Carrying Americ12-18-01  10:40 pm
A duck walks into a bar...Bill Pierce12-14-01  10:02 pm
American holidayRednick11-22-01  06:21 pm
Snail jokebrewknob11-03-01  06:41 am
This is what it has come to...Glane10-19-01  03:22 am
Why Guys Aren't Secretarieshomebrew85409-05-01  01:15 pm
New Beer Jokes on this site.Andy_Spoo08-08-01  08:48 pm
The Beer PrayerSteve Oswald08-06-01  03:58 pm
May Make you want to drink real beer...beerbob08-06-01  03:18 pm
Had to share this...Maxout07-29-01  01:05 pm
Real beercb07-27-01  12:45 am
The old Budweiser defensefranxc07-03-01  03:48 pm
Off subject, but pertinate...blackntan06-27-01  06:19 pm
Did everyone have a happy...joeage04-22-01  11:57 pm
OK, One morebeerbob04-14-01  12:34 pm
My breweryBob Cole04-02-01  12:55 am
Irony at its finestdave romberg03-22-01  04:42 pm
World's youngest Saranc fan....Mike Piazzi03-18-01  01:04 am
Strange head on my last beer...Manwithbeers03-09-01  01:21 am
Bud better than Old Style?beerbob03-04-01  12:50 am
Keep those pesky BATF agents awayShawn Nunley02-28-01  06:23 pm
Female hormones in beer?Michael Boyd02-18-01  10:38 pm
Why men are not secretaries...David Stovall02-15-01  03:19 am
MooseHead..??Vecchietto10 02-09-01  08:34 am
Monkey businessuncle fester01-18-01  11:23 am
Get me a beerDave Tease01-17-01  12:16 pm
A Beer Is Better Than A Womanhomebrew85401-03-01  12:39 pm
Computer Upgrade we all needtim sieben12-25-00  04:27 pm
Christmas brewingSteveG12-19-00  08:44 pm
Do not drink homebrew while reading this..SteveG12-19-00  08:43 pm
IMPORTANT NEWS TO ALLSparHawk12-15-00  06:03 am
The mind of a six year old - True StoryStephen K.11-05-00  02:55 am
Vote Early. Vote Often. Vote Gump.jethrogump11-01-00  06:12 am
The Shed Build Gone Wrong and ViralMerle04-08-13  05:35 am
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