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Brews & Views Bulletin Board Service * The George Fix Memorial Guest Book  

The George Fix Memorial Guest Book

In memory of

George Fix

The purpose of this page is to allow readers a place to post their memory of George Fix. After some time, we will format the entries on this page, and send them to Laurie Fix.

Please make a new conversation for each tribute, and not tack on to ones already posted. Thanks

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George, you will be missed!Karl F. Lutzen03-13-02  04:05 pm
I raise a toast to you & your accomplishments! Here's to Dr. Fix! ...Beertracker03-13-02  04:42 pm
Much of what I know came from you...Pat Babcock03-13-02  05:43 pm
George, thank youDan Schultz03-13-02  09:47 pm
Goodby, and thanksJohn Adsit03-15-02  05:17 am
George, you will be sorely missed.Steve Jones03-15-02  02:38 pm
My prayers are with the Fix familyJoel Gallihue03-15-02  02:20 am
God BlessKenneth Jenkins03-15-02  05:56 am
The Jethro Gump Eulogy Gump03-15-02  06:35 am
George, you will be missed by manyJeff McNally03-15-02  03:24 pm
George, you will be missedbrewsmith03-15-02  03:50 pm
You will be missedlash chaffin03-15-02  03:58 pm
Role Model and InspirationJohn Donaldson03-15-02  05:34 pm
God Bless GeorgePhil Wilcox03-15-02  09:25 pm
Cheers, Georgefarty03-15-02  10:40 pm
Remembering George FixJohn Sullivan03-16-02  06:13 am
George Fix gave to me my 'fix'Kirk Althoff03-16-02  08:49 pm
Goerge, we'll miss you. CheersRoger Whyman03-18-02  07:05 pm
I will miss you George.JohnJPalmer03-18-02  09:40 pm
A sad day indeeddrbeer03-18-02  09:41 pm
George will be well remembered for many generations.Steve03-18-02  11:38 pm
Thank you , GeorgeColin Kaminski03-19-02  12:01 am
There *IS* beer in heaven!Dan Hall03-19-02  06:17 pm
Knew him through his booksChris Colby03-19-02  07:00 pm
"Condoléances" from FranceArnaud VIEZ03-19-02  09:00 pm
Thanks to you GeorgeDean Fikar03-20-02  02:48 am
George Fix, a name that will never be forgotten.Farmboy03-20-02  08:34 am
Rest in Peace, GeorgePowegian03-20-02  01:33 pm
Viva Georgedave sapsis03-20-02  04:34 pm
To George & Laurie FixJohn S. Thomas03-20-02  05:18 pm
Immortality in the CollectiveBob Sheck03-22-02  04:26 am
Condolencias del PERUEDDY MARCOS MERCADO 03-22-02  09:46 pm
NB will Miss youChrisS03-23-02  12:45 am
Thanks GeorgeJens B. Jorgensen03-27-02  09:52 pm
George Fix, thanks for being thereMike Schrempp03-28-02  04:21 pm
George Fix rememberedWilliam Randle03-30-02  05:33 am
Thanks for Your Zeal!G.S. Harrison04-08-02  01:12 pm
Also great loss for the beer worldMurph dog04-16-02  04:15 pm
My glass is raisedbrian04-29-02  06:42 pm
Prost Ex.... thank you and farewellDarrin Howard05-09-02  05:58 pm
I was fortunate to know GeorgeTony06-27-02  04:14 pm
Cheers Matereuben filsell07-12-02  03:47 am
Advice from George & Laurie solved my HSA problemsMichael Maag07-19-02  05:23 pm
Raise a glassDMB01-17-03  07:09 am
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