HOMEBREW Digest #252 Wed 13 September 1989

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		Rob Gardner, Digest Coordinator

  What the numbers mean (crystal 40, etc) (Steve Conklin)
  Brewpub list revisited (Walt Thode)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 11 Sep 89 8:32:39 CDT From: Steve Conklin <hpfcla!hplabs!amdahl!uunet!tesla!steve> Subject: What the numbers mean (crystal 40, etc) roberts%studguppy at LANL.GOV (Doug Roberts at Los Alamos National Laboratory) writes: > Mike Fertsch asks: > > > Is 'rich crystal' just a darker version of 'ordinary crystal'? I've > > noticed a WIDE variation in color in crystal malts. > > So far as I can tell, it's just crystal that has been roasted at a > slightly higher temperature. Great Fermentations sells three kinds of > crystal malted barley: light, medium, and extra rich. Also, the > crystal has a number associated with it: 20 for light, 40 for medium, > and 90 for extra rich. I don't know what the number stands for, > however. > The number refers to "degrees Lovibond", which is a measure of the amount of color which the malt contributes to the wort. This is useful for formulating recipes. More information can be found in Noonan's book, and in the All-grain issue of Zymurgy. There was an article in a recent Zymurgy which described how to measure the color of a finished beer, to see how close you are to the target. BTW, I did see the request for more kegging information, and for the Rapids number (again). The Rapids number is 800-553-7906, but things are a little too wild for me to sit down and write much about kegging. This is my last week at Intergraph, and next Monday I return to the life of a full-time student. I'll still get the brewsletter, and in a few weeks, I hope I'll have time to participate again. Meanwhile, I ran out and bought the Hunter controller for my lagering frig, and it's perfect for the application! Steve Conklin uunet!ingr!tesla!steve Intergraph Corp. tesla!steve at ingr.com Huntsville, AL 35807 (205) 772-4013 As of 9-12-89, my address will be: uunet!ingr!b11!conk!steve. Return to table of contents
Date: 12 September 1989 0836-PDT (Tuesday) From: thode at nprdc.navy.mil (Walt Thode) Subject: Brewpub list revisited Awhile back I put out a call for submissions to a brewpub list I wanted to compile, and said I'd send the list to this group if I received anything. The offer still holds. I've seen several requests recently for information about brewpubs in areas about to be visited by members of this group. The list I'd like to compile would be useful to those individuals and to others if we could get it complete enough. The only responses I got to my earlier request were a private message about Cincinnati area brewpubs, a public one about Chicago brewpubs and another public one with an address of a source for a list of brewpubs, which I have not yet received. I'm still interested compiling a list, along with short reviews of the beers offered. Anyone who wants to contribute should send relevant materials to me. --Walt Thode ARPA: thode at nprdc.navy.mil UUCP: {everywhere_else}!ucsd!nprdc!thode Return to table of contents
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