HOMEBREW Digest #257 Mon 18 September 1989

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		Rob Gardner, Digest Coordinator

  Re: Lager ferment temp (M Nevar) (John D. Polstra)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sun, 17 Sep 89 15:38:33 PDT From: polstra!jdp at uunet.UU.NET (John D. Polstra) Subject: Re: Lager ferment temp (M Nevar) In Homebrew Digest #225, Mark Nevar (man at garage.att.com) asked about a lager yeast brew which fermented out at 50-55 degrees, but then seemed to start fermenting again as the wort warmed up. Mark, are you sure you were really seeing a resumption of fermentation? Remember, CO2 is much more soluble in wort at low temperatures. My guess is that you were simply seeing some of the dissolved CO2 coming out of solution as the temperature increased and the solubility of the gas decreased. Relax, don't worry, bottle it, and have a homebrew. -- John Polstra jdp at polstra.UUCP Polstra & Co., Inc. ...{uunet,sun}!practic!polstra!jdp Seattle, WA (206) 932-6482 Return to table of contents
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