HOMEBREW Digest #3 Wed 02 November 1988

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		Rob Gardner, Digest Coordinator

  Zymurgy subscription info (Jonathan Corbet)
  ciders, etc. (mhalley)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 2 Nov 88 00:00:05 MST (Wed) From: gaia!jon at handies.ucar.edu (Jonathan Corbet) Subject: Zymurgy subscription info Subscriptions to Zymurgy are $21/year, from: Zymurgy P.O. Box 287 Boulder, CO 80306 Jonathan Corbet {husc6 | rutgers | ames | gatech}!ncar!gaia!jon {uunet | ucbvax | allegra | cbosgd}!nbires!gaia!jon Return to table of contents
Date: 02 Nov 88 13:01 -0330 From: <mhalley%MUN.BITNET at CORNELLC.ccs.cornell.edu> Subject: ciders, etc. Regarding sweet ciders, I have often made dry ciders and then served them mixed with unfermented cider "to taste." This does not produce the nice woody aging of the British ciders, but is pleasant and gives the drinker the option of controlling the sweetness of the drink. Another possibility is the "Melomel/Cyser" recipe which I sent in a while back. Again, it's dissimilar to the British products (and I AM an addict of Strongbow), but provides an extremely pleasant alternative. I have definitely done a lot of "tempering" of my cider products at various stages by addition of fresh, unfermented juice, with a multitude of results -- none bad, all different. Try it. Cheers, Ye Olde Batte Return to table of contents
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