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  Re: May is Mild Month (Matthew Arnold)
  MCAB II recipe donation/request ("Dean Fikar")
  AHA Vote ("Rob Moline")
  a 'spurment (Aaron Perry)
  Back From The Boondocks ("Phil & Jill Yates")
  Hello from Czeck republic (Ronald La)
  PeachState 2000 results! ("John Stegenga")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sat, 06 May 2000 10:57:13 -0500 From: Matthew Arnold <revmra at iname.com> Subject: Re: May is Mild Month On Sat, 6 May 2000 00:17:38 -0400, you wrote: >May is Mild Month - so says CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale. Mild is an >easy drinking ale, most often dark, almost always low in gravity, low in >bitterness, and is a natural here in the US before the weather gets so warm >you want a lager. And just think, I was just thinking about brewing a mild! Actually, I had intended to brew a Dunkel, but I wasted too much time and it got too warm outside. Then I was going to brew an Alt, but I wasted too much time and it got too warm outside. So NOW I was thinking about using said ingredients to make a Mild. Here's what my thoughts were (five gallon batch): 6.5# Weyermann Dark Munich .5# Briess 80L Crystal 2 oz Black Patent The hopping schedule would be similar to the one you proposed. I'd probably use whatever Danstar yeast I happen to have handy (Windsor?). I realize that Munich malt is not typical for the style, but it would give a nice maltiness to an otherwise "light" beer. FWIW, last year I brewed AlK's Mild recipe in his Homebrewing, Vol. I. It turned out very nicely. Thoughts? Matt - ----- Webmaster, Green Bay Rackers Homebrewers' Club http://www.rackers.org info at rackers.org Return to table of contents
Date: Sat, 6 May 2000 15:58:25 -0700 From: "Dean Fikar" <dfikar at flash.net> Subject: MCAB II recipe donation/request Greetings all. Things seem a little slow around the HBD lately and I thought I might try to carry on the tradition that someone else started last year of posting MCAB-winning recipes . I greatly enjoyed looking at last year's offerings. My recipe is a California Common/Steam beer that finished first in its category. FWIW, here goes: California Common #3 Brewed on: 11/21/99 Batch size: 6.5 gal. OG: 1.057 FG: 1.016 Efficiency: 59 % IBU: 41 Grain bill: Crystal 40 0.75 lbs. Crystal 77 1.25 lbs. Belgian Munich 4.50 lbs. American Two-Row 10.00 lbs. Belgian Munich (toasted) 6.00 oz. Hops: Hallertau Northern Brewer 9.4 % 1.00 oz. 65 min. Hallertau Northern Brewer 9.4 % 0.50 oz. 30 min. Northern Brewer 5.0 % 0.20 oz. 10 min. Hallertau Northern Brewer 9.4 % 0.30 oz. 10 min. Northern Brewer 5.0 % 0.50 oz. 2 min. Northern Brewer 5.0 % 0.50 oz. 0 min. Cascade 7.8 % 0.70 oz. dry Yeast: Wyeast 2112 (2.5 qt. starter) Mash Specifics: 1.) Infused 5.75 gal. water at 168F for a 75 min. rest at 154F. 2.) Infused 2.75 gal. water at 200F for a 10 min. rest at 165F. Boil time: 90 min. Pitched yeast on 11/21/99 at 62F 11/21/99 - temp. set to 60F Racked on 12/9/99 to steel keg - temp. set to 32F This was a no sparge batch, hence the low efficiency. I think that this beer tastes a lot like Anchor Steam except for having a bit more hop flavor and aroma. It definitely has that earthy/grassy Northern Brewer bite. BTW, I was using up the last of my Hallertau Northern Brewer hops and opened up a new bag of domestic Northern Brewer for this batch. Next time I might stick with the Hallertau version since it is a little milder. The judges had no big beef with the beer. One thought it was a little thin and another thought the balance was a bit too far towards hops. Okay there's my offering. Now I want to see some of the other recipes - please post! Cheers, Dean Fikar Fort Worth, TX Return to table of contents
Date: Sat, 6 May 2000 23:11:51 -0500 From: "Rob Moline" <brewer at isunet.net> Subject: AHA Vote AHA Vote For any that don't have their magazines...and I am glad I asked, for so far, 4 of you are not up on the latest issue...and that would preclude your vote... Call 1-303-447-0816 to obtain your membership number, if you don't know it... Go to http://homepages.isunet.net/brewer/VOTE.JPG to get a jpeg image of the ballot that you can download, print, and send in with your vote.... Go to http://www.aob.org/AHA/ahabylaws.htm for the ByLaws that cover this election....and Go to http://www.aob.org/AHA/aha_statements.htm for Candidate statements.....that will give you more info about the candidates.... I have had some words with a few folks that want to join, just to ensure that they can vote for a specific candidate.... (Wow, that says a lot about our candidates, eh! I knew we picked 'em right!) If you want to join the Association, and get your vote counted...call 1-888-822-6273 to join with a credit card...get your membership number on the spot...and get a ballot from http://homepages.isunet.net/brewer/VOTE.JPG to print out, cut out..and send.... There isn't a lot of time....so if you want to vote...get going! Cheers! Rob Moline AHA-BOA "The More I Know About Beer, The More I Realize I Need To Know More About Beer!" Return to table of contents
Date: Sun, 07 May 2000 09:11:51 -0400 From: Aaron Perry <vspbcb at earthlink.net> Subject: a 'spurment I wasn't out to do a 'spurment...... I was trying to see if redhook's IPA yeast was viable.....trying to "capture" it. So I added about 9oz of "sterile", aerated by shaking, wort to the sediment of a redhook IPA bottle. I shook it up, attached an airlock and let it alone.....for two and a half months! I forgot that it was atop a high bookshelf! I tasted it today.....It's thesame sterile, bitter, UNFERMENTED wort that I added all that time ago! Hooray! My starters really are clean! My practices sound! Two and a haf mos. and not even wild yeast or bacterial fermentation! There's proof enough for me! To the dismay of many, the delight of others, hell, some wont give a crap! I use Charlie Papazian's recipe and procedure for propagation. This is in his CJOHB book. HEY, It's good to have proof that one's practice is sanitary. And as an added bonus, don't bother to try to get redhook IPA yeast, they must pasteurize. Any science types, please comment as you wish, I'll read with much interest. Can I claim a "Dr. Pivo" designation now that I've done a "spurment"? Chowdah from MA, Aaron Perry vspbcb at earthlink.net Return to table of contents
Date: Sun, 7 May 2000 23:14:37 +1000 From: "Phil & Jill Yates" <yates at acenet.com.au> Subject: Back From The Boondocks After confessing to my stupidity a week ago, I have been in hiding and denial over the whole matter ever since. But I am feeling a bit better now. I thought Dave Lamotte's story was something special but Doc Pivo's rolling 60 litres of beer down the staircase helped to convince me I have yet to achieve greater heights of stupidity. But I don't like the idea of the Doc conferring with Jill on how to get those stains out of my underwear. Is there something going on here that I don't know about? And just what is Wes Smith doing hanging about in my billiard room whilst I am away on flying trips!! You just can't trust your mates these days, not even the peroxided ones. And especially not New Zealanders! To be truthful about my absence for the past week, I took Jill and Phoebe out into the boondocks of NSW and Queensland to catch up with family and check out the beer drinking scene in outback Australia. I borrowed a Cessna aeroplane and away we went. I can tell you this much, out bush in Australia, the drinking habits have changed by nought. Tooheys, Fosters, V.B. and XXXX are still held in high regard. If these brands are foreign to all you non Aussies, never mind, I'm sure Dave Burley will enlighten you. Just as he is going to enlighten me on the aboriginal meaning of Burrabadoo. He might also like to tackle Boggabri and Boggabilla. Maybe even Coonabarabran and Girragulang. Whilst Dave is having a think about this, let me tell you, from a brewers point of view, all these places are the same. There was once a time when I swilled beer in the outback with the best of them. And I still can, but what is on tap tastes so bloody ordinary! I have to conclude I have been ruined by home brewing. And so has Jill. We were glad to finally get home tonight and hoof into the rice lager. Phoebe was glad to get out of the aeroplane. Where she once said "Daddy, you are a big turd" She now concludes: "Flying in these little things scares the crap out of me!!!" This from a four year old??? I rest my case on the demise of the modern world. If you are yet to visit towns such as Eumungerie or Wongabinda, then I suggest you make haste out here to Oz and see what is left of "the last frontier". The beer won't do a lot for you but when you get to the Southern Highlands, hopefully Wes and I (not to mention all the others) can offer you something worth drinking. BTW, don't let Doc Pivo convince you that here in the Southern Highlands we are only 80 metres above sea level. Rob Moline made the following comments : >Dr. Cone was interested in your event, however, as he is to be >climbing Mt. >Everest, with 6 swimsuit models, in an attempt to brew the >highest batch. Rob was referring to Dr Cone's intended visit to the Burradoo Billiard Room, though I have stressed to Rob, we just can't fit any more women in here, swimsuits or not. We might have to tie them to the Boab tree. On a final note, I'd like to express my sincere condolences to the family and friends of Bill Pfeiffer. I know Rob speaks with great compassion and sadness on advising us of Bill's passing and I also know Pat Babcock will greatly feel the loss. The sincerity of both Rob and Pat does not go unnoticed. Cheers Phil Return to table of contents
Date: Sun, 7 May 2000 07:23:50 -0700 (PDT) From: Ronald La <pivoron at yahoo.com> Subject: Hello from Czeck republic Oops,sorry I have not previously mentioned my current vacation to Germany, Czeck Republic, & Austria. Yep, here I am on Sunday May 7 in Cesky Krumlov, then, soon on to Viena. Report: * Yeow - this is the place to be Cesky Krumlov, south of Prague, south of Ceske Budejovice. Cesky Krumlov must be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Really, today it is 70f and sunny with a nice breeze & breathtaking sights everywhere one looks. As of this moment, after tasting beers in Germany, I can tell you that Czeck beer blows away everything. My favorite, Samson 12(plato) lager. Forget Budweiser Budvar, as good as it is, Sampson tops it. What a name: Sampson, but have no doubt, it is Budejovike Pivo for sure. The food has been fantastic in both Germany and Czeck. I believe there must be a quantum leap worldwide in restaurant quality. Have no fear, menus are easily read, most in several languages including English. Because of exchange rates 1US dollar is worth 40 Kronas which means the best beer in the world can be had for 15 kronas (38 cents US) for 0,5 liter at Pilsner Urquell in Pilzen. When I return home in a couple weeks, I hope to have more to report and will be willing to answer questions and give suggestions about traveling in Europe. It has been a learning experience for sure, but briefly, HAVE NO FEAR! Till next time Na zdravi "to your health" Ron rlabor at lsumc.edu home pivoron at yahoo.com for now __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Send instant messages & get email alerts with Yahoo! Messenger. http://im.yahoo.com/ Return to table of contents
Date: Sun, 7 May 2000 19:14:44 -0400 From: "John Stegenga" <john at stegenga.net> Subject: PeachState 2000 results! Thanks to all who entered, participated, and judged. We had over 170 entries this year, despite the conflict with AHA nationals in Tallahassee FL. Here are the results: Group 1: 01. AMERICAN LAGER, 03. LIGHT ALE 1 Craig Sikes 1c. Classic American Pilsner Cumming, GA Brewmeisters of Alph. 2 David Lanyon 1b. Dark Marietta, GA Knaves of Grain 3 Jeff Carlson 1c. Classic American Pilsner Grand Rapids, MI Primetime Brewers Group 2: 02. EUROPEAN PALE LAGER 1 Jeff Carlson 2c. Dortmunder Export Grand Rapids, MI Primetime Brewers 2 2 Drunk Guys 2a. Bohemian Pilsner Lawrenceville, GA 3 David Wilderman 2b. Northern German Pilsner Acworth, GA Group 3: 10. BROWN ALE, 15. PORTER 1 Jeff Carlson 10d. American Brown Ale Grand Rapids, MI Primetime Brewers 2 Stu Thurmond 15b. Brown Porter Kennesaw, GA Covert Hops Society 3 Fred Francis 15a. Robust Porter Marietta, GA Covert Hops Society Group 4: 16. STOUT 1 Dean Ross 16c. Oatmeal Stout Marietta, GA Kenwood Fermentors 2 Gary Bond 16d. Foreign Extra Stout Austin, TX 3 John Allen 16a. Dry Stout Cumming, GA Group 5: 08. KOELSCH & ALTBIER, 09. GERMAN AMBER LAGER, 13. EUROPEAN DARK LAGER, 14. BOCK, 17. WHEAT BEER 1 Jeffrey Hassman 14c. Doppelbock Kennesaw, GA 2 Marlon Hurst 13b. Schwarzbier Conyers, GA Covert Hops Society 3 Dave Feldman 17a. Bavarian Weizen Atlanta, GA Covert Hops Society Group 6: 04. BITTER & ENGLISH PALE ALE, 05. SCOTTISH ALES 1 Jody Rupert 5a. Light 60/- Marietta, GA 2 Dave Comstock 4c. Strong Bitter/English Pale Ale Cumming, GA Brews Brothers 3 Gregg Cierddy 4b. Special or Best Bitter Acworth, GA Sleeping Dog Brewery Group 7: 06. AMERICAN PALE ALES 1 Jeff Carlson 6c. California Common Beer Grand Rapids, MI Primetime Brewers 2 Dan Jackson 6b. American Amber Ale Gainsville, GA Brews Brothers 3 Craig Sikes 6a. American Pale Ale Cumming, GA Brewmeisters of Alph. Group 8: 07. INDIA PALE ALE 1 Vance Barnes 7. INDIA PALE ALE Cumming, GA Brews Brothers 2 Dan Jackson 7. INDIA PALE ALE Gainsville, GA Brews Brothers 3 John Allen 7. INDIA PALE ALE Cumming, GA Group 9: 11. ENGLISH & SCOTTISH STRONG ALE 1 Keith Ecklund 11a. Old Ale Marietta, GA 2 John McClure 11a. Old Ale Marietta, GA 3 Jesse Ehnhert 11a. Old Ale Atlanta, GA Group 10: 12. BARLEYWINE & IMPERIAL STOUT 1 Grover Sterling 12b. American Barleywine Atlanta, GA SE Brewers Guild 2 Vance Barnes 12b. American Barleywine Cumming, GA Brews Brothers 3 Keith Ecklund 2a. English Barleywine Marietta, GA Group 11: 21. FRUIT BEER, 22. SPICE/HERB/VEGETABLE BEER, 23. SMOKE-FLAVORED BEER, 24. SPECIALTY, EXPERIMENTAL, HISTORICAL BEER 1 Kevin Jones 22. Vanilla Muenchner Helles Smyrna, TN Music City Brewers 2 Keith Ecklund 24. Hazlenut/Maple/Vanilla/Molasses Porter Marietta, GA 3 Brian Lucy 22. Spice Beer Lilburn, GA Covert Hops Society Group 12: 18. STRONG BELGIAN ALE, 19. BELGIAN & FRENCH ALE 1 John Stegenga 19b. Witbier Woodstock, GA Covert Hops Society 2 Brian Cole 18b. Tripel Black Mt, NC MALT 3 Brian Cole 18d. Belgian Strong Dark Ale Black Mt, NC MALT Group 13: 25. MEAD 1 Carl Melissas 25b. Varietal Honey Trad.Mead Woodstock, GA Covert Hops Society 2 Robert Erdman 25a. Traditional Mead Marietta, GA Covert Hops Society 3 Richard West 25e. Other Fruit Melomel Canton, GA Best Of Show 1 Vance Barnes 7. INDIA PALE ALE 2 Keith Ecklund A. Old Ale 3 Jeff Carlson D. American Brown Ale Club Points Covert Hops Society* 22 Brews Brothers 17 Primetime Brewers 16 Brewmeisters of Alph. 6 SE Brewers Guild 5 Music City Brewers 5 Kenwood Fermentors 5 MALT 4 Knaves of Grain 3 Sleeping Dog Brewery 1 *Awarded 50lb bag of malt courtesy of Breiss. See you at the next club brew day! Return to table of contents
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