HOMEBREW Digest #379 Fri 16 March 1990

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  RE: Liberty Ale was not the first (Barry Cunningham)
  Sumerian beer (Mark Stevens) <stevens at stsci.edu>
  source of wheat extract (Mark Stevens) <stevens at stsci.edu>
  Response to Gary Mason (Dave Suurballe)
  re:	wyeast business and mead fermentation (florianb)
  Re: Homebrew Digest #377 (March 14, 1990) Sumerian beer (Todd Koumrian)
  replies to comments queries, etc. (Jay Hersh)
  Another archive server (Tom Fitzgerald)
  Re AHA club contest (John Polstra)
  Wort Chillers (John Polstra)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 15 Mar 90 08:39:36 EST From: abvax!calvin.icd.ab.com!bwc at cwjcc.INS.CWRU.Edu (Barry Cunningham) Subject: RE: Liberty Ale was not the first Hear! Hear! Glad to see somebody setting the record straight and standing up for Ballantine's India Pale Ale. I first discovered Ballantine's IPA in 1976 in Boston during the Bicentennial Celebration summer. Now as to which tastes best, Ballantine's IPA or Liberty Ale ... 8^) I love them both. They are both excellent ales, with somewhat different characters. If I had to choose, I think I would use Fred Eckhardt's tactic -- when asked what his favorite beer was, he replied "The one in my hand, of course." -- Barry Cunningham Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 90 09:33:13 EST From: (Mark Stevens) <stevens at stsci.edu> Subject: Sumerian beer I'd like to know more about the sumerian beer that Anchor brewed using the decoded hieroglyphics. Would somebody who has a copy of the Sacramento BEE article mind sending me a copy if I provide a SASE??? Thanks, - ---Mark Stevens stevens at ra.stsci.edu Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 90 09:33:40 EST From: (Mark Stevens) <stevens at stsci.edu> Subject: source of wheat extract In Homebrew Digest #377, Andy Ross asked for names and addresses of anybody selling wheat extract. There is an outfit in North Carolina called "American Brewmaster" that sells wheat extract in 3.3# plastic bags. You get a discount if you order more than 12-15# at a time (of either the wheat, or malt extracts). You can contact American Brewmaster at 2940-6 Trawick Rd., Raleigh, NC 27604. Or call them at (919)850-0095. Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 90 09:53:36 pst From: chris at asylum.gsfc.nasa.gov ======= ======= ======= ======= Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 90 18:19:12 PST From: hsfmsh!hsfdjs!suurb at sfsun.West.Sun.COM (Dave Suurballe) Subject: Response to Gary Mason I'll bet Gary Mason's request for comments is going to generate some good controversy. My opinion is that he's got an almost perfect plan. That use of glass and steel is usually the most trouble-free in the end. A wort chiller is a must, too. I have some doubts about the grain-mill attachment for the KitchenAid. Cracking grain for mashing is different than for other uses probably. It may be better to crack it somewhere else or buy it cracked. My advice is to forget partial mashing. Just brew a couple extract batches to get the bugs worked out of the process. During this phase build a mashing and lautering rig and start using that as soon as it's done. It's most likely that he will have to mash to get the fermentable/unfermentable ratio that he's looking for. Suurb Return to table of contents
Date: 15 Mar 90 12:56:18 PST (Thu) From: florianb at tekred.cna.tek.com Subject: re: wyeast business and mead fermentation Pete Soper sez (roughly): "It falls way short of what is needed for proper pitching rates..." in regard to Wyeast packets. I agree mostly, after dabbling in this stuff for a while. However, the Wyeast Irish yeast really kicks ass. Using it with and without starters doesn't seem to make any difference, although I need more data than I have already. In addition, it's REAL smooth! Also, In a private note to Cher Feinstein, I discovered that she referred to terminating mead fermentation through the use of vodka. Interesting concept. May I add that I have been successful at terminating the fermentation in my ciders by adding sugar until the yeast kicks the bucket. By the time the yeast is dead (Red Star and other dry champagne yeasts) however, the brew is so potent that you have to take your guests keys before letting them indulge. I saw my first hops buds poking up through the soil this week. Anyone else? florian Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 90 13:53:05 PST From: todd at NISC.SRI.COM (Todd Koumrian) Subject: Re: Homebrew Digest #377 (March 14, 1990) Sumerian beer I've found the info tidbits regarding Anchor's experiment with the Sumerian type beer interesting, but everyone has omitted the truly crucial detail: where can I find a bottle of the stuff to sample? I've not seen any. I live in Menlo Park, CA so a Bay Area reference or two would be welcome (besides Anchor themselves). Todd Koumrian Return to table of contents
Date: 15 Mar 90 15:29:50 EST From: Jay Hersh <75140.350 at compuserve.com> Subject: replies to comments queries, etc. In regards to a query of March 14. Ireks Arkady makes a wheat extract available in 6.6 lb cans. While it may be available from many sources the only one I know personally who carries it is Hennessy Homebrew in REnsselaer NY (call 1-800-555-1212 to get his 800 #). I made a weizenbock with one can of this and one can of IREKS-ARKADY amber. it is very strong and took quite some time to mellow but is now great. Of course it doesn't do great in caompetitions. No matter what category (bock, strong beers, wheat beers) it keeps getting the same comment, nice beer wrong for category, sigh!! Since I brew some really screwball recipes from time to time i've given up entering competitions. On the subject of competitions is anyone really surprised that the AHA still hadn't sent out club competition results yet?? To the person who is still waiting for his winter Zymurgy issue, I say go buy it at your homebrewer supply shop he's probably had it for 2 months now. The Wort Processors are holding an unofficial competition for most flatulent beer judge. Nominations accepted here, as are volunteers to judge. So far Chuck Cox and Steve Black have been nominated. I alas am ineligible since I'm organizing this (though I only plan to be present for the actual competition if I can learn to use a scuba rig in time!!) - Jay H Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 90 17:58:56 EST From: Tom Fitzgerald <decvax!wang.COM!fitz at decwrl.dec.com> Subject: Another archive server There's a second homebrew archive server now running here at Wang. If you want to get back-issues from it, send a message like: send homebrew 234 235 236 ... to the address: archive-server at wang.com -or- ...!uunet!wang!archive-server If you don't trust other people's mailers, put a: path your at address.here -or- path from!mapped!site!to!you line in the message also. A message with just the contents "help" will get you a help file that talks about other commands. If the archive server isn't doing what you want, drop a line to archive-manager at wang.com and I'll see what's going on. I've set this up to be as helpful as possible to UUCP sites who (like us) have to pay $$$$ for each byte of mail received, and who live in a net full of nasty mail-eating demons. As a result, I've optimized it for getting a single digest, and for doing smart UUCP path routing. If you want a whole month's worth of back issues at once, or you're on the Internet already, aem's archive will probably be much more convenient. Many thanks to aem at mthvax who babysat all the transfers I needed to stock the archives here. - --- Tom Fitzgerald Wang Labs fitz at wang.com 1-508-967-5278 Lowell MA, USA ...!uunet!wang!fitz Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 90 10:53:23 PST From: hplabs!polstra!jdp (John Polstra) Subject: Re AHA club contest > Has anyone heard the outcome of the AHA "Hail to Ale" club contest. Yes, but I cannot remember who took first, second, and third places. I mostly just noticed that it wasn't I :-(. I do remember that they had entries from 47 clubs, a new record. You can call them up to find out who won. If you had been one of the winners, I think you would have heard from them by now. > Is the AHA just slow? "Unprofessional" is the word I would use. I just got my judging sheets back from the AHA on Friday, March 9. All they had to do was address an envelope and stick the judging sheets into it. If the $5 contest entry fee wasn't enough to cover doing that in a timely manner, then they should have charged more. The people at AHA headquarters seem very nice, but their level of service during this contest was, in my opinion, pathetic. [ Claimer: All opinions expressed here are those of my employer, who is owned by me ;-) ] - John Polstra jdp at polstra.uucp Polstra & Co., Inc. practic!polstra!jdp at uunet.uu.net Seattle, WA ...{uunet,sun,pyramid}!practic!polstra!jdp (206) 932-6482 Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 90 11:05:22 PST From: hplabs!polstra!jdp (John Polstra) Subject: Wort Chillers In HBD #374, Russell Greenlee <russell at uswat.uswest.com> asks: > Do immersion chillers work as fast as counterflow chillers? Well, yes and no. I've used both types, and each takes about the same amount of time to chill the entire volume of wort down to pitching temperature (15 to 30 minutes, depending on the temperature of your cold tap water). But: With a counterflow chiller, each individual little morsel of wort gets chilled much more rapidly; namely, in the amount of time it takes that morsel to flow from one end of the chiller to the other (10 seconds). >From the point of view of the wort, it is being chilled much more rapidly. It is this rapid chilling that is supposed to give rise to a better cold break. I won't go into the issue of sanitation here, except to say that I think it is manageable for both types of chillers. - John Polstra jdp at polstra.uucp Polstra & Co., Inc. practic!polstra!jdp at uunet.uu.net Seattle, WA ...{uunet,sun,pyramid}!practic!polstra!jdp (206) 932-6482 Return to table of contents
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