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  Siebel "Start Your Own Brewery" course ("Lemcke Keith")
  homegrown hops was Re: First Gold Hops (-s)
  Sankey keg lining? ("Jim Black")
  Carboy on magnetic stirrer ("Doug Moyer")
  RO water and Chloramines (stihlerunits)
  Espresso, Mango and Jalapeno ("Brian Dougan")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 08:40:48 -0400 From: "Lemcke Keith" <klemcke at siebelinstitute.com> Subject: Siebel "Start Your Own Brewery" course For those homebrewers who are thinking they would like to start their own craft brewery one day, we have just introduced our new 3-day "Start Your Own Brewery" course. You can get all the details at http://www.siebelinstitute.com/course_desc/start_brewery.html . With Ray Daniels designing & leading the program, I think it will be a terrific course. Drop me a line at klemcke at siebelinstitute.com if you have any questions. Keith Lemcke Vice-President Siebel Institute of Technology World Brewing Academy Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 12:45:33 -0400 From: -s <-s at adelphia.net> Subject: homegrown hops was Re: First Gold Hops David Edge asks ... ,Perhaps I can piggyback a question onto this? Someone at the ,brew club produced an astonishingly bitter beer. He had used home- ,grown hops and claimed he'd read that they have perhaps a quarter ,of the bitterness of commercial ones, so he'd used four times as much. ,I responded that the lower alpha figure was when wet; and he didn't ,believe me. Does anyone know of anyother reason why a home-grown ,hop would have substantially lower acid than commercial? I seriously doubt that wet hops have significantly lower quantities of alpha-acids, except as a ratio to the mass (dry hops are much lighter than fresh/wet). If you measure by volume of loose cones it should be a non-issue. I never pick the cones off the plant until reasonably dry - so I have no means to compare the masses. My causal observation in growing hops for the past 5 seasons is that the hop flowers develop the characteristic aroma fairly late and they develop bitterness even later. Flowers even approaching full size may have little aroma or bitterness. I suppose it's similar to more conventional flowers which only develop aroma when the flower is fully mature. I do suspect that there is more variation in homegrown hop bitterness than in commercial examples, simply because the growing conditions and time of harvest are suboptimal for the inexperienced home-grower. FWIW - I am not a fan of any of the hops bittering equations (some clearly do not model any physical process) especially since hops change so radically with age and their extraction is so variable. Anyone who gets within 10% of a desired IBU level in beer, even with recently measured hops AA% values is lucky. +-25% is probably more typical. You can use homegrown hops w/o a quantitative analysis and still get good results, but you will need some experience gauging the IBUs by taste. -S Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 09:04:00 -0600 From: "Jim Black" <jblack at sarcan.sk.ca> Subject: Sankey keg lining? I have obtained from the local distributor a damaged sankey keg. I have cut the top and it appears there is some sort of beige coating on the inside. Anyone know if I can still use this on my burner as a kettle? Return to table of contents
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2007 20:53:28 -0400 From: "Doug Moyer" <shyzaboy at yahoo.com> Subject: Carboy on magnetic stirrer For those of you that use a magnetic stirrer with carboys, what size stir bar do you use? Suggestions? How do you (easily) tell if it is actually coupled and spinning the bar? Brew on! Doug Moyer Troutville, VA Star City Brewers Guild: http://www.starcitybrewers.org Beer, brewing, travel & kids: http://shyzaboy.blogsome.com Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 14:36:32 -0700 From: stihlerunits at mosquitobytes.com Subject: RO water and Chloramines On the BJCP webpage under Member Resources there is a link to the "Beer Faults Troubleshooter". The following is from the description of Medicinal found in the Beer Faults Troubleshooter: "Avoid water with chlorine or chloramines (use RO water if necessary)...." I was under the impression that only type of filter that will remove chloramines is an activated carbon filter. At least Fix & Fix (1997) stated that RO filters generally leave the chloramine level largely unchanged. Is this correct or will reversed osmosis also work at removing chloramines? Cheers, Scott Stihler Fairbanks, Alaska http://www.mosquitobytes.com/Den/Beer/Beer.html Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 20:12:13 -0400 From: "Brian Dougan" <dougan.brian at gmail.com> Subject: Espresso, Mango and Jalapeno Not all in the same beer of course....although...NO! ...anyway, here is the update on the Espresso Stout. It came out GREAT, just the right subtle coffee notes without the bitterness and a touch of maltiness to add just the right sweetness on the tongue, quite pleasant. ...got a mango wheat boiling as I type, expecting good things from this, will keep everyone posted. ...looking at doing something with jalapeno, maybe a jalapeno wheat. Thinking of slicing 5-10 jalapenos and throwing them (and seeds) into 60 minutes of the boil and then discarding before fermentation. Thoughts? Slainte, Brian Return to table of contents
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