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  Northwest Region Early Entry Deadline Begins ("Janis Gross")
  question (Fred M. Scheer)
  55-gallon stainless steel drum brewery (Harlan Bauer)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 16:30:03 -0600 From: "Janis Gross" <janis at brewersassociation.org> Subject: Northwest Region Early Entry Deadline Begins Hello brewers in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Monday was the first day of the entry period for entries in the Northwest Region being shipped/dropped off at the Pyramid Brewery in Seattle, WA. The shipping/drop-off period is March 10 through March 21 ONLY. Entries delivered to this location will be palletized and shipped on a barge to Anchorage, AK, the Northwest Region judging site for the First Round of the National Homebrew Competition (NHC). Note: All entries submitted to this location must be boxed up for shipping. This drop-off location will not be able to accept loose or unpackaged entries. NHC 2008 Pyramid Brewery Attn: Art Dixon 91 South Royal Brougham Seattle, WA 98134 If you are unable to deliver your entries to the Pyramid Brewery between March 10 and March 21, you can ship your entries directly to Anchorage during the competition entry period, March 31 through 5 p.m. April 11, 2008. NHC 2008 Snow Goose Brewpub Attn: Steve Schmitt 717 West Third Avenue Anchorage, AK 99501 Good luck in the National Homebrew Competition! Cheers, Janis Gross NHC Director AHA Project Coordinator janis at brewersassociation.org 303-447-0816 x134 888-822-6273 (toll free) Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 22:48:54 +0000 From: fredscheer07 at comcast.net (Fred M. Scheer) Subject: question HI: Some time ago I saw a very good post here about CO2 production; CO2 measurement etc. Can someone sent that discussion my directions? Txs Fred Return to table of contents
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 11:33:07 -0400 From: Harlan Bauer <harlan.bauer at gmail.com> Subject: 55-gallon stainless steel drum brewery Hi! It's been a while since I've been here. After spending some time a pro brewer, I've been itching to get back into home brewing and want to build a new brewery based on 55-gal. stainless steel drums. My aim is to build a fully automated, gas-fired brew house. Here's my dilema--where to find the tanks? I've got one 55-gal drum thus far, but I need more, and Craigslist & ebay have been only moderately helpful... Does anyone on this list have any knowlege of where the "waste-stream" for these drums begins? I know they're out there, but I'm not finding them. I've found some of the thinner ones, but I want the sturdy ones with the removable lids and the rolled lips on the top of sidewalls. My intention is to have everything welded for 1.5-in tri-clamp fittings and hardpipe the entire system. Shipping these things is cost prohibitive. I now live in southern Illinois and travel somewhat regularly to Atlanta, so I would be willing to travel ~1-day's journey to surrounding states. Is there any interest in this topic? TIA. Harlan Bauer Elizabethtown, IL Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 16:52:03 -0400 From: "Lemcke Keith" <klemcke at siebelinstitute.com> Subject: APPLY NOW FOR FALCONER FOUNDATION BREWING SCHOLARSHIPS ** APPLY NOW FOR FALCONER FOUNDATION BREWING SCHOLARSHIPS -- STILL TIME BUT DEADLINE IS 4/21 ** ABOUT THE BREWING SCHOLARSHIPS In co-sponsorship with the Seibel Institute of Technology, the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation is offering two full-tuition brewing education scholarships in 2008. One scholarship is for the World Brewing Academy Concise Course in Brewing Technology held at the Siebel Institute in Chicago in October/November 2008. The Concise Course in Brewing Technology is a two-week intensive program that covers every topic critical to successful brewery operations. The program is designed for brewers pursuing a wider knowledge of professional brewing standards and techniques in order to advance their brewing careers as well as individuals planning to enter the brewing industry. The second scholarship allows candidates to apply for one of three two-week modules from the International Diploma in Brewing Technology Program held at Siebel's Chicago campus in September/October 2008. This specialty brewing scholarship is intended for those brewers who seek an in-depth understanding of a specific brewing discipline. Candidates must designate which module they wish to attend. The Concise Course scholarships are open to individuals planning on entering the brewing industry and to professional brewers with no more than two years of brewery work experience. The specialty brewing scholarship is open only to professional brewers. Applicants must be from the Pacific Northwest (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Northern California regions (San Francisco Bay/Monterey Bay areas and north). Each scholarship includes a $750 stipend to help offset travel and lodging expenses. For more details and information on how to apply, visit the Siebel Institute website at www.siebelinstitute.com <http://www.siebelinstitute.com/> . ABOUT THE FALCONER FOUNDATION The Glen Hay Falconer Foundation is a non-profit organization created to commemorate and celebrate the life, interests, and good works of a well-loved and leading Northwest brewer. The Foundation's cornerstone event is the annual Sasquatch Brew Fest. The fifth annual Sasquatch Brew Fest took place on Saturday, June 2, 2007 in downtown Eugene, Oregon. Thousands enjoyed over 50 beers, live music, great food, and a lively silent auction. The Foundation also produces the Sasquatch BrewAm, a golf tournament pairing all levels of golfers and beer lovers with celebrity brewers. The fourth annual Sasquatch BrewAm will be held at McMenamins Edgefield on July 25, 2008 concurrent with the Oregon Brewers Festival in Portland, Oregon. Don't miss the opportunity to play a fun-filled round of golf with brewing luminaries. ABOUT GLEN HAY FALCONER Passion, dedication, and creativity defined Glen Falconer's beers and his entire approach to life. Glen began his brewing career as an avid homebrewer and dedicated member of the Cascade Brewers Society, a clan of skilled homebrewers based in the Eugene/Springfield, Oregon area. As a professional brewer, Glen continued to support the craft of homebrewing by providing access to brewing ingredients, procedures and unique beer recipes. In 1990, Glen followed his dream and pursued a professional brewing career, beginning at Steelhead Brewery in Eugene. Glen completed the Siebel Concise Course in Brewing Technology in 1994. Glen then refined his skills at the renowned Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon, working side-by-side with his close friend and mentor John Maier. In 1996, Glen became head brewer at the Wild Duck Brewery in Eugene, providing six regular beers on tap as well as a wide variety of specialty ales and lagers each season. Glen continued as head brewer at the Wild Duck until his untimely death in 2002. Enlarging on the tradition of brewing, laughing heartily and embracing adventure fully represented Glen's life. While Glen won numerous professional craft brewing prizes and accolades, perhaps his finest accomplishment was the back-to-back Gold Medals received posthumously for his Auld Gnarly Head Barley Wine at the 2002 and 2003 Great American Beer Festival. Return to table of contents
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