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  RE: Cleaning Kegs (Mike Schwartz)
  Re: Cleaning kegs (Calvin Perilloux)
  Beer crackers - flat pretzel wafers (stencil)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 07:15:52 -0500 From: Mike Schwartz <mjs at seadogboats.com> Subject: RE: Cleaning Kegs If you have a farm supply that carries dairy supplies (Farm and Fleet, Fleet Farm, etc) they sell a 75% phosphoric acid based milk stone remover that works wonders for removing beer stone and only costs about $5/gallon. Mike Schwartz Beer Barons of Milwaukee beerbarons.org worldofbeerfestival.com Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 08:03:49 -0700 (PDT) From: Calvin Perilloux <calvinperilloux at yahoo.com> Subject: Re: Cleaning kegs Hi Keith and Dave, An item of note: Beerstone is best removed with an acid cleaner, not a caustic, which has hard time dissolving it. Caustic cleaners work great for hops, organic oils, and burned on crap. Personally, I avoid caustic (specifically NaOH/lye/caustic soda) due to the hazard of one small misstep leading to a medical emergency, especially if I'm pumping it anywhere or have a pressurized vessel. It sounds like you're pumping it, Keith. Like I said, I wouldn't, not unless I wore the same gear the guys in the brewery do when they pump it. As far as I could tell in my brewing since giving up caustic, PBW worked about as well but with far less hazard. You also don't want caustic anywhere near aluminum or other soft metals. PBW is better in this regard as well. Oxyclean might also be useful here, though I'm not sure whether it's got the various other ingredients (like chelators for hard water) that PBW uses. While some of these things like PBW and Oxyclean have modest sanitizing effects due to the dissolved oxygen content they produce, you really need to sanitize after using these things, and an acid sanitizer like Starsan, Saniclean, is ideal for this. My cleaning regimen, for what its worth: (1) Soak in hot PBW (2) Hand clean if any areas are still problematic (3) Dump and rinse with water* (4) Sanitize with Starsan/Iodophor/whatever-no-rinse sanitizer** (5) Drain and use * If I had a closed system, I'd consider just draining completely and then go straight to my acid sanitizer as my "rinse". I do a water-rinse step with my current system because it's easy. ** If I have beerstone I want to get rid of, I soak in Starsan overnight if it's stainless, then wipe off in the morning. Don't do this with soft metals like aluminum! Some selected products: If you are using a pump and circulating sanitizer, Starsan might not be for you. Consider a low-foam product like Saniclean. There are lots of others out there besides the typical homebrew products, but be careful. I've corresponded with a guy who used TripleSan (or Trisan?) because it was cheap, but it left awful odors behind. As for what to do with used chemicals, depends what I'm using. Most go right down the sink! Seriously. And I have a septic, so I am quite conscious of what goes there. I'm reluctant to dump lots of bleach down there. Homebrewing amounts of Iodophor haven't caused problems (diluted too much), but I sometimes dump that in the yard anyway out of paranoia. Starsan is zero problem at all for the septic or sewer. PBW, Oxyclean, and even caustic in homebrew amounts don't cause problems, either. I read that some people even use Starsan to fertilize their acid-loving plants! I haven't tried that on my roses yet, but perhaps in this near-drought, I should give it a go. If I can ever get back to brewing again, that is. Calvin Perilloux Middletown, Maryland, USA Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 16:05:54 -0400 From: stencil <etcs.ret at verizon.net> Subject: Beer crackers - flat pretzel wafers Simple pretzel dough, rolled very thin and scored into squares before the last rising... is there some practical reason why these do not exist? Or is it that they do exist and I'm just not very attentive? Got a yen for a little snack with my weizen and a regular bretzen is just too big. gds, stencil Return to table of contents
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