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  Monthly HBD Probe ("Pat Babcock")
  Re: Brew water tools (stencil)

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Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2011 13:57:40 -0400 From: stencil <etcs.ret at verizon.net> Subject: Re: Brew water tools On Thu, 31 Mar 2011 23:57:15 -0500, in Homebrew Digest #5816 (March 31, 2011) Mike Patient wrote: >I've read some great things about brew water profiling here on the HBD. >I am wondering what tools home brewers have access to for this. >What will I need? (Other than knowledge) >What is cost effective? >What is the best out there? >I could just research options, but I want to know what is practical and >accessable. Knowing the hardness and alkalinity of your feedwater and your actual brewing water is pretty much fundamental. I'm not an enthusiast of attempts to duplicate foreign brew-water profiles, but I do like to bring down the residual alkalinity, to improve extract yield. The LaMotte test kits - 4824-DR for Hardness and 4491-DR for Alkalinity - that I get from <pollardwater.con> seem to offer the best balance of economy and precision. You can get much cheaper stuff in the aquarium supply section of WalMart (Seachem, RedSea, and the like), but precision is reduced. My American Marine "Pinpoint" pH meter is entering its second decade and still calibrates ok - though the current electrode (the third) is getting very slow and will probably get the boot soon. I got it from a now-defunct pet store here in Berkshire County. The only additives needed for my purposes are slaked lime (Mrs Wages' Pickling Lime) and calcium chloride (from ESV Aquarium Products, <esvco.com>.) I strongly suspect that the DowFlake CaCl I spread on my porch steps is perfectly safe to brew with, but what the hell. For brew-water casks the Gamma Plastics <gamma2.net> Vittles Vault line is hard to beat. The original VV's have a better form factor, but the VVII's are translucent and their regular shape makes it easier to mark their fill levels. The VVII's nest-stack for storage, but their material is a little more brittle than the older models. I use two 1-gallon VVII's for brew water casks and regular VV's for fermenters. As to the "I could brew a perfect Sammagoo clone if only I could duplicate Pasig River water" trope, I think the real goal is to learn what actually goes into the target brewer's tun, not what comes out of the municipal tap - a difficult task. hth, stencil Return to table of contents
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