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  Win a Professional Brewing Course with Danstar Yeast (Lemcke Keith)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 11:52:11 -0500 From: Lemcke Keith <klemcke at siebelinstitute.com> Subject: Win a Professional Brewing Course with Danstar Yeast >From now until April 12th 2012, every time you use Danstar Premium Yeast, you can use the empty package to enter for a chance to win a professional brewing course! In the "Beer School 2012" contest, Danstar will sponsor one lucky winner in a random draw for fully-paid tuition in the 2012 World Brewing Academy web-based Concise Course in Brewing Technology. A $3,200 value, the Concise Course offers intermediate-level training that will build on your brewing knowledge to give you a complete understanding of the commercial brewing process. Whether you want to build your homebrewing skills or build a career as a professional brewer, this course will change the way you think of beer & brewing. Along with the above grand prize, we will also be drawing for 10 secondary prizes of a box of 50 packages of your choice of 11-gram sizes of Nottingham, Windsor or Munich yeast (a $250.00 suggested retail value)! To enter, download the entry from from the "Contests" section of our web site at www.lallemandbrewing.com<http://www.lallemandbrewing.com> ,<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=mybnoobab&et=1108923918264&s=0&e=0017g9aorLIi GlFakivG1-JIv9kMncC_U-6mPfNoGmwsMJPoGOhFE1gs4QHuAwKwzB1dvopd8BnGz_SJaFc9cdzP8 CmzpgNARxS5HiIUdqGEbPZ7LpxmLt3GqLGe1AQXOk29mQr0ASMrpBR19UDY_xfmfnojiApXSVR7UT cj6zVHfjeny1c3Fnr5A==> print out the form and attach an empty sachet from any 11-gram size of Danstar Nottingham, Windsor or Munich yeast and mail it to the address listed on the form. You can enter as many times as you like, so the more you brew with our yeast, the better your chance of winning! For more information on the contest or on any of our products, contact us by email at homebrewing at lallemand.com<mailto:homebrewing@lallemand.com>. Return to table of contents
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