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  Paul Hethmon's new brewing stand ("Dave Long")
  Things about brew stands ("Dunn, Scott C FLNR:EX")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 21:57:18 -0700 From: "Dave Long" <ldave at cableone.net> Subject: Paul Hethmon's new brewing stand I haven't built a stand yet, but I've been researching this topic myself for awhile. I'd like to share some thoughts and observations. I have built a heat shroud already for my existing setup. It's made of thin stainless steel sheet, with sharp, double-back bends at each end that interlock when the sheet is wrapped around the burner/pot. A pair of stainless handles are bolted onto it, at both ends of the sheet, to facilitate the bend necessary to install it. Since stainless steel is a poor conductor of heat, it works like a champ. I support it by attaching three long clamps high up on the burner legs. With a little welding skill, these could be permanently mounted support bars. My conclusion about mounting to a stand is that the burner itself should be the terminus of the support arms from the stand structure, instead of the arms supporting the pot, with burner below. The pot, then, simple sits atop the burner as it would if not mounted to a stand. If the supports arms supported the burner pot support ring from directly below, then the support arms themselves would serve as supports for the heat shroud. This might still work well even if the support arms were mounted lower on the burner assembly, such as below and supporting the shroud that usually surrounds the burner jet itself. As burners can vary quite a bit in design, your mileage may vary. Of course, my heat shroud does not serve the same protective role of the sight tube that yours does. Mine simply increases the efficiency of fuel comsumption. I don't have sight tubes, so this is a problem I have no experience with, sorry to say. Have a great day! Dave Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 08:35:15 -0800 From: "Dunn, Scott C FLNR:EX" <Scott.Dunn at gov.bc.ca> Subject: Things about brew stands Hello Paul: I am also in the process of designing a brew a stand. Here are a few things I am considering in my decision: The distance from the top of the flame to the bottom of the kettle should be such that it does not send blue flame out to the sides of the pot. This seems like a waste of heat to me. Adjust the burner position to get the correct height. This is dependant on the burner, fuel pressure, intensity. Metal loses and lot of it's strength as it heats up and it needs to move as it is heating and cooling. Make sure the design allows for the movement of the support or welds could break. I like either the 6 point style as per gas top cooker or the modified X, both these designs allow the hot metal to move. I hope this helps Scott C. Dunn RPF Return to table of contents
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