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  Ginger beer (Ralph Link)
  17th Music City Brew-Off Announcement ("Steve Johnson")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2012 12:46:33 -0500 From: Ralph Link <ralphl at shaw.ca> Subject: Ginger beer I would like to make a batch of alcoholic ginger beer. Does anyone have a recommendation as to the type of Wyeast I should use and any comments on the sugar to use (dextrose, cane sugar, white sugar etc. ) Thanks in advance Ralph Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2012 21:00:32 -0500 From: "Steve Johnson" <sjohnson3 at comcast.net> Subject: 17th Music City Brew-Off Announcement To all homebrewers, judges, stewards, and beer enthusiasts, I personally invite you to the 17th Annual Music City Brew Off. Our competition this year will be held at the Courtyard Marriott in Goodlettsville, TN (865 Conference Drive, 37072). Room rates for Attendees are $85/night (2 Queen room or King). Please use the link on our website: www.musiccitybrewers.com or call the hotel: 615-851-3000. This year's special guest will be Chad Yakobson, Head Brewer at Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project. http://www.crookedstave.com/ This year we will be kicking off our festivities with a true southern BBQ dinner followed by presentation by our Guest Speaker. Schedule: On Friday afternoon we will have a judging session starting at 3 pm. This will last for 3 hours. The dinner and presentation will follow starting at 7 pm. Saturday morning our BJCP/AHA Sanctioned Competition will continue. We will have a Judge and Steward orientation beginning at 8:30 am. Judging will start at 9:00 and end at noon. Lunch will be provided for all judges and stewards courtesy of the Music City Brewers. Judges will be receiving a special gift from the MCB in appreciation of their participation. Following the judging will be the BOS round starting at 2:00 and running till 4:00. The Awards Ceremony and Raffle will begin at 5:00 and run until 7:00. All 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners from beer categories 1-23 will receive a medal and a gift certificate from Rebel Brewer ($15, $10, and $5 respectively). Best of Show will also receive a medal and a gift certificate of $150 from Rebel Brewer. 2nd and 3rd Best of Show will also receive medals and gift certificates ($75 for 2nd and $50 for 3rd) Best of Meads and Ciders will receive medals as well along with gift certificates from Rebel Brewer (1st- $30, 2nd- $15, 3rd- $10). ? Following the awards will be our 3rd annual "Club Crawl". This is basically the same as NHC club night with a few "tweaks". We will have the ballroom set up with tables and jockey boxes where regional clubs can bring their beers to showcase. In addition, this year we are hoping to get the involvement of the local craft beer community in Nashville and surrounding cities. We are hoping to have a variety of local craft breweries serving their beer as well as having the regional clubs on hand. This was a blast last year, so hopefully the fun will continue. If you or your club would like to have a table, please contact me to make arrangements. ? If interested in Judging/Stewarding please register online at www.muciscitybrewrers.com and contact John Malone at john.malone at belmont.edu with any questions you may have. Hotel Reservations: can be made by going to our website and following the link for reservations. Dinner Reservations: Details to follow. Keep an eye on the website ? Entry and Judge/Steward Registration: is up and running now. Rules, Regulations and all timelines can be found at www.musiccitybrewers.com Entry registration will close on October 12th . We are accepting entries starting on October 12th. All entries must be at Rebel Brewer by 5 pm on October 19th (No exceptions). Please ship all entries to: MCBO C/O: Rebel Brewer Homebrew Supply 105 Space Park North Goodlettsville, TN 37072 615-859-2188 Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding the 17th Annual Music City Brew Off. John Malone, President & Competition Director Phone: 615-476-6953 Email: john.malone at belmont.edu Hope to see you all there! Return to table of contents
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