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  RE: A Boozy Beer That Won't Give You a Hangover (David Huber)
  Contamination Problem from HBD #6032 (Adam Arndt)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 12:15:25 -0400 From: David Huber <n3uks.dave at gmail.com> Subject: RE: A Boozy Beer That Won't Give You a Hangover The beer described in that article used added electrolytes that was said to reduce the effect of a hangover. I recall a number of years ago there was a recipe in BYO for a beer that replaced about half the water with Mountain Dew (http://byo.com/light-ale/item/1167-mountain-brew). Perhaps the same thing could be done with Gatorade instead to get electrolytes into the brew. :) Just imagine the flavor possibilities! Dave Huber Jessup, MD Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2013 00:16:15 +0000 From: Adam Arndt <adama at microsoft.com> Subject: Contamination Problem from HBD #6032 In regards to the contamination problem from a couple Digests ago, can you provide any tasting notes on the quality/type of sour note that you're getting? Is it a clean yoghurt-like sourness (lactic acid) or is it a sharp vinegar-like sourness (acetic acid)? -This will help to t-shoot what organism we might be dealing with. Acetobater will produce acetic acid / vinegar but it definitely requires the presence of oxygen so under typical fermentation and bottling conditions it's pretty low on the list. Acetobater is carried by fruit flies and it's probably the main source of acetobater infections. -Is this a chance? Changing subject slightly from what organism might be at fault, when in the process are you adding the honey? -Honey naturally has microorganisms living in it (wild and strange yeasts); they can't ferment in honey because the specific gravity/ osmotic pressure is to high but as soon as honey gets watered down they can start to ferment and I've found they can produce some nasty flavors. -If you're not hitting the honey with significant heat they could be alive and producing the acid that you're dealing with, too. (Mead makers: don't shoot the messenger; I know over heating delicate, expensive honey is mead making blasphemy but it doesn't change the facts.) It certainly COULD be in your equipment but I wouldn't necessarily throw it all away. Give it a stronger than usual soak in an alkaline cleaner like PBW (or a blend of PBW and an oxygen-based cleaner), the rinse and give it a stronger than usual soak in StarSan. -You'll attack the problem from several different angles this way to even if it's a microorganism that can deal with a low ph, you'll still take care of it (if it's acetobater PBW + Oxygen-based cleaner should take care of it in a hurry). If you want to go crazy and all of the equipment can deal with hot steam give it a good steaming, too. Steam will lyse cells rather quickly. Adam Return to table of contents
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