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  pH Measurement ("A. J. deLange")
  Annual "Going Begging" Plea (Patrick Babcock)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2013 14:47:22 -0500 From: "A. J. deLange" <ajdel at verizon.net> Subject: pH Measurement Matt posted that one cannot get stable pH readings at other than room temperature. Horse pHeathers! Do it all the time. Tried to post back on this but server ignores me unless very brief. Go to http://www.wetnewf.org/pdfs/estimating-mash-ph.html and scroll down to see a recording of hundreds of nice stable pH readings made near 50 C. To get stability ones needs a stable electrode. That used to imply big dollars but I think that mold may be broken. Preliminary results on new Hach PocketPro+ ($110) are very encouraging - seems stable as electrodes costing twice as much as this meter. The secret to accuracy, given stability, is knowing your electrode's isoelectric pH and correcting ATC corrected readings to account for this. Not that difficult to do. To see preliminary stability test data on this new Hach meter go to http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f128/first-time-building-up-ro-water-apa-443205/ index3.html page 3. Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2013 15:52:28 -0500 From: Patrick Babcock <patrick.babcock at gmail.com> Subject: Annual "Going Begging" Plea Greetings Beerlings, take me to your lager... Well, it's that happy time of year again - that time I grab my tin cup and hang out on the virtual corner to pan-handle for he ol' HBD. Next year, time allowing and God willing, we will see several improvements to our favorite brewing resource. We've had a new server waiting in the wings with a new, modern operating system and TONS of storage space. This box will allow us to re-open the Clubs section and host club sites advertisement-free. We've also, through a targeted effort on the Brews and Views bulletin board, raised enough money to update the software B&V runs on - just need to finish figuring out how to port the old Discus system data to it. We'll also move the HBD site from its static self to a more modern and dynamic content management system (or blog, if I get lazy :) All of these improvements will render the HBD more "smart phone friendly", which seems to a requirement of any viable web presence these days. And the more people participating on the HBD, the better it is for everyone. Aside from the upgrades we'd like to complete for 2014, your donations also fund the HBD's day-to-day operating expenses - filing fees, post office expenses, domain name maintenance; and connectivity and energy costs. New for this begging season, the HBD has an IRS Letter of Determination of Tax Exempt Status. We've been tax exempt under IRS rules from the day we incorporated, based on IRS rules; however, the is letter eliminates any question regarding the deductibility of your donation. This letter, details of our filing for it, and all HBD, Inc. corporate documents are available via the "Disclosures" link on the HBD.org web site. So please, if you can, think of the HBD this giving season! As always, the HBD finances are on public display at hbd.org, and all donors are recognized via the HBD Benefactors Memorial Wall. Cheers! - - -- See ya! Pat Babcock President Home Brew Digest, Inc. Return to table of contents
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