HOMEBREW Digest #651 Tue 04 June 1991

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		Rob Gardner, Digest Coordinator

  re: keg registration (Dick Dunn)
  Re: Homebrew Digest #649 (May 31, 1991) (Petr Prasil)
  Beer in Raleigh (Mayberry on Steroids) ("Russell D. Shilling")
  Root beers (Stephen Saroff: TMC Applications Scientist at NCSA )
  Is this negotiable? (krweiss)
  RE:keg fees (John E. Greene)
  Railroad ale (STEPHENS)
  Issue #646 again. ("DRCV06::GRAHAM")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 3 Jun 91 01:38:00 MDT (Mon) From: ico.isc.com!rcd at raven.eklektix.com (Dick Dunn) Subject: re: keg registration Alan Garvey <Garvey at CS.UMASS.EDU> writes about a keg registration law: ... > A friend of mine who is a member of the town meeting that voted in the > law (and who voted for it himself -- pinhead) tells me that the police > promise not to harass "ordinary" citizens and use the law only to > control student parties, but I have a hard time believing police > promises to not use the full authority that the law gives them... Pinhead indeed! Alan's got it pegged: There's no excuse for passing laws which won't be enforced exactly as written, and if you think an existing law won't be used against you, you're at least optimistic and certainly naive. The difference between "laws that exist" and "laws that are enforced" is a very dangerous ground; it should be as small as possible! That's the area where laws can be enforced selectively--where two people can do the same thing but only one gets prosecuted because he is black, is a longhair, lives in the wrong part of town, doesn't grease the right palm, etc. If the law is unjust or unfair, bring focus on the law; get it repealed or rewritten. The letter of the law (and NOT what some transient council- creatures promise off-the-record, not-in-writing) is what matters. If the letter of the law is unconscionable, the law is unconscionable; don't take any excuses. - --- Dick Dunn rcd at raven.eklektix.com -or- raven!rcd Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 03 Jun 91 11:45:59 MDT From: Petr Prasil <UNCLE%CSEARN at pucc.PRINCETON.EDU> Subject: Re: Homebrew Digest #649 (May 31, 1991) Hallo, my fantastic brevers do you know beers as Budvar, Plzen (pilsner) or Kozel (Velke Popovice) ? I think, this is one of the best beer all over the world. It is interisting, that Pilsner has alcaline pH. Do you know some beer with alcaline pH ? Petr Prasil Return to table of contents
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 91 22:31 EDT From: "Russell D. Shilling" <SHILLING%UNCG.BITNET at ncsuvm.cc.ncsu.edu> Subject: Beer in Raleigh (Mayberry on Steroids) I had a chance to sample several beers from Greenshield's, which is a small brewpub in Raleigh, N.C. The light wheat beer was very good. The dark wheat beer was very, very good. The pale ale was very, very, very nasty. I will admit that the high quality of the wheat beers may have made a mediocre pale ale seem worse than it was. However, it tasted acrid and somewhat soapy. Can someone tell me what the most likely culprit would be for such a flavor? Finally, I would like to know if anyone can add to the following list of N.C. Brewpubs... 1. The Loggerhead 2. Spring Garden Brewing Company (both 1 & 2 are here in Greensboro) 3. Old Heidelberg (formerly the Weeping Radish in Durham) 4. Greenshield's (Raleigh) 5. Dillworth's (Charlotte) Have I missed any? Russell Shilling Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 91 09:25:44 CDT From: saroff at ncsa.uiuc.edu (Stephen Saroff: TMC Applications Scientist at NCSA ) Subject: Root beers I am considering brewing a root beer batch. However, I have always been warned that since there is little alchohol in root beer, there is nothing to really inhibit the yeast and the beer must either be drunk very quickly or refrigerated. Is this true? SzS - --------------- Stephen Saroff Application Scientist for NCSA Thinking Machines Corporation 5215 Beckman Institute <tmc at ncsa.uiuc.edu> <saroff at think.com> 405 N Matthews Ave (217) 244 5556 Urbana, IL 61801 Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 91 08:29:48 -0700 From: krweiss at ucdavis.edu Subject: Is this negotiable? >So sit back, pound down a few >coffin nails, and reflect on the fact that people have been dying since the >invention of reproduction by methods other than fission. Personally, I prefer >sex and homebrews to living forever anyway. > > Yours in Suds > > Father Barleywine OK, but how about if I give up sex? Can I still drink beer, and live forever? I mean, what the hell, the beer is way more important than the sex already... Ken Weiss krweiss at ucdavis.edu Manager of Instruction Computing Services 916/752-5554 U.C. Davis Davis, CA 95616 Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 91 09:10:19 PDT From: jeg at desktalk.com (John E. Greene) Subject: RE:keg fees >Homebrewers who keg their beer (rather than bottle it) certainly fall >under the ordinance. Homebrewers who brew 5 gallon or larger batches in >a carboy or bucket (that is, nearly every homebrewer), may or may not >fall under the law, depending on whether you consider the product in the >carboy to be beer before the brewing process is completed. This may not be entirely true. I am unfamiliar with this particular law but when it comes to state regulations on the alcohol content of beer, the term 'beer' has a very strict meaning. It only applies to 'lager'. Here in California there is a 4% limit on the alcohol content of beer, or lager. However, there is no limit on the alcohol content of ale, stout, porter, malt liquor, bock, etc. As long as you do not call it beer or lager, the alcoholic content can be anything. If the law mentioned above refers to 'beer' specifically than homebrewers should not be affected. After all you can call what you brew anything you want. I would be interested in hearing some other opinions on this because it seems to me that unless they regulate the brewing process, the ingredients, and equipment, they could not require you to register the container you keep it in. You could always claim, "Hey, it wasn't like that when I put it in there." - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John E. Greene Everyone needs something to believe in. I believe Sr. Staff Engineer I'll have another homebrew! Desktalk Systems Inc. uucp: ..uunet!desktalk!jeg (213) 323-5998 internet: jeg%desktalk.desktalk.com at uunet.uu.net Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 91 11:44 PST From: STEPHENS at CMS1.llnl.gov Subject: Railroad ale I would love to find an extract recipe for something similar to Devil Mountain Railroad Ale. Does anyone have any ideas? I know the real thing uses Galena hops, but when I see the high alpha content of Galena I can't relax and I start to worry. (Hey, one out of three, right?) Should I use Galena hops in the boil or just to finish? (To sweeten the pot, er, wort a little, I'll be more than happy to send some of the finished product to the supplier of the best recipe!) Direct email is fine. Jimmy Stephens stephens at cms1.llnl.gov or stephens at tq5000.llnl.gov (Please give generously for those poor, unfortunate souls without fancy sigs.) Return to table of contents
Date: 3 Jun 91 15:56:00 EDT From: "DRCV06::GRAHAM" <graham%drcv06.decnet at drcvax.af.mil> Subject: Issue #646 again. If I weren't obsessive-compulsive about having every issue, I'd shine it on, but has ANYONE received digest 646? I haven't found anyone who got it at all. If anyone has it, could I have a copy? Also, since the archives in Miami don't have it, perhaps Mr. Mossberg would like a copy for them too. If Tom Fitzgerald is listening ... I've tried to get stuff from the Wang archive server with no success. Mail to you doesn't get through, either, neither do phone calls ... anyhome home? See ya all later, Dan Graham Return to table of contents
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