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  Dry Hopping (Jim Grady)
  Sparging Success and Mashing Advice ("Justin A. Aborn")
  Re : Mashing, Dextrins, and American Lager Stats. (Conn Copas)
  Re: Yeast (Carl West)
  Another request for German brewpubs/taverns (VLD/VMB) <tfisher at BRL.MIL>
  Bitberger 5 l. keglets. ("DRCV06::GRAHAM")
  More Recipe Requests... ("Jeff Brendle")
  Phil Fleming's X-mas Ale Recipe (STROUD)
  dry hopping in the keg (Marty Albini)
  In defense of M&F (korz)
  Re: Dry-hopping (korz)
  RE: XMas Ale Recipe (Chris Quint)
  Loony Alert! (Ron Rader)
  schmod (adams)
  Pressure Boiling (C.R. Saikley)
  Plastic fermentation vessels (jmaessen)
  homebrewing and drinking in the third world (Steve Bagley)
  Extract (nnieuwej)
  Re: pressure cooker for aromatics (Conn Copas)
  re: $$ for micro/brewpub (Darryl Richman)
  re: Malt Aromatics (Darryl Richman)
  re:  Malt Aromatics (Darryl Richman)
  Re: My Zymurgy hasn't shown up yet. (Clarence Dold)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 2 Aug 91 7:21:59 EDT From: Jim Grady <jimg at hpwald.wal.hp.com> Subject: Dry Hopping In HDB #693 Tom Bower asks: > 1.) How do you keep your brew from becoming infected when dry-hopping? I've been wondering this too. I assume it is the hops themselves. After all, one of the reasons hops are added (or why they were added originally) is because of their qualities as a preservative. Is this right? - -- Jim Grady | Internet: jimg at hpwala.wal.hp.com | "Better thin beer than an empty jug" Phone: (617) 290-3409 | - Danish Proverb Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 91 8:15:43 EDT From: "Justin A. Aborn" <jaborn at BBN.COM> Subject: Sparging Success and Mashing Advice I saw the posting about Kurt Swanson's all grain experience and the sparging part sounded familiar. A while ago I posted a message complaining about murky sparge runnings and I mused about adding a peristaltic pump to the process. Don't bother. I think my problem was the sparge bag. It did not tightly contact the sides of my lauter tun and I think that the wort was leaking out the sides of the bag rather than running through the full eight inches of grain husks. I bought another plastic pail that fit into my first pail. The first pail has the spigot. I drilled a bizillion 1/16" holes into the new pail, and installed the new holy pail inside the spigoted pail. This makes one great lauter tun. The first time I used it I got bright and clear wort after just three sauce pans worth of recycling. Sparging still takes an hour though. I have used the new lauter tun three times. Once I had a bad grain crush that caused foggy runnings. The grain was not crushed enough. There were many even uncracked grains. This batch did not run bright and clear. The wort ran very quickly through the grain bed and stayed foggy. Watch your crushes. I am drinking my original sparge bag beer these days and it is quite delicious despite the lack of perfect clarity. Don't toss those foggy runnings! Justin Brewer and Patriot Return to table of contents
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 1991 05:16:25 +0000 From: Conn Copas <C.V.Copas%loughborough.ac.uk at hplb.hpl.hp.com> Subject: Re : Mashing, Dextrins, and American Lager Stats. Don't care what the textbooks say, I have always found the effects of both temperature and pH to have relatively little influence on dextrin content. A prolonged, dilute mash is a much more effective way of achieving a dry beer, if you like that sort of thing. Conn V Copas tel : (0509)263171 ext 4164 Loughborough University of Technology fax : (0509)610815 Computer-Human Interaction Research Centre Leicestershire LE11 3TU e-mail - G Britain (Janet):C.V.Copas at uk.ac.lut (Internet):C.V.Copas%lut.ac.uk at nsfnet-relay.ac.uk Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 91 09:38:44 EDT From: eisen at kopf.HQ.Ileaf.COM (Carl West) Subject: Re: Yeast Walter H. Gude asks: >What if, rather than take the slurry out of the primary, I put new wort into
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