HOMEBREW Digest #81 Sun 19 February 1989

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		Rob Gardner, Digest Coordinator

  What are the effects of light on my homebrew? (J. Wayne Boyer)
  lemons, Mexico, and bottles (Jeffrey R. Hagen)
  Mex. beer, lemons

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sun, 19 Feb 89 20:19:40 -0500 From: jwb at mentor.cc.purdue.edu (J. Wayne Boyer) Subject: What are the effects of light on my homebrew? Now that I have started to use a 6 gallon clear glass carboy for secondary fermentation, I was wondering how my beer might be affected by light. I have heard that light is not good for beer, but I don't know if that is sunlight or artificial light or whether it is direct or ambient. Could someone comment further on this? Thanks, Wayne Boyer (jwb at mentor.cc.purdue.edu) Return to table of contents
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 89 15:52:40 MST From: hplabs!ames!cmcl2!arizona!modular!hagen (Jeffrey R. Hagen) Subject: lemons, Mexico, and bottles Subject: Mex. beer, lemons If you actually go into Mexico you will find that big lemons and big limes we know are rare. The small tart Mexican lime is mostly what they have and they use it with tecate. There isn't even a separate word for 'lemon' in Spanish. Also the beer you get there is nothing like the import crap. Most beers are better down there than the same ones you can buy here. There is an exception, Mexican Corona is not so good and the only people that drink it are the stupid American students looking for a bargain. You can still buy beer in quart glass returnable bottles and they are nice. I have about fifty of them and only kegs are better to put homebrew into. The cheapest way to get them is to buy the beer, drink it and bring the bottles back with you. A case of 12 full quarts is about $6 if you stay away form the tourist traps. Empty bottles are not a problem at the border like full ones are. I have actually bought emptys at the distribudor. They think you are crazy, but they haven't had homebrew. The most I have spent for a case of 12 empty quarts is $2. If you can haggle in Spanish you can do better. I have never found the 5 gallon glass water bottles we all use, but I have several that say 'hecho en Mexico' on the bottom. So I suspect if I look hard enough I could find a bargain on those as well. Jeff Hagen Modular Mining Systems Tucson, Az arizona!modular!hagen Return to table of contents
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