Recipe for Black Bottom Ale 14 lbs. 2 row malt 1.5 lbs. CaraPils malt 2 lbs. 60L Crystal malt .5 lb. Flaked Barley .8 lbs. Chocolate malt .2 lbs. Black Patent malt 2 oz. Brewer's Licorice 2 oz. Cascade 6.4AA (60 min) 1 oz. Tettnanger 3.8AA (10 min postboil) British Ale yeast with low attenuation OG - 1080 FG - 1024 Mash in grain to 6 gal. water at 125F Protein rest 20 min. @ 123F Sacchrification rest 60 min. @ 145F Mashout 10 min @ 167F Sparge with 168F water sufficient to collect 6.5 gal. wort. Crush licorice and add to wort boiler. Boil for 60 min. and to final volume of 5.5 gal. Turn off heat and add finish hops and let stand for 10 min. Cool with immersion chiller to 75F and transfer to SS fermenter. Pitch yeast and attach blowoff hose. Primary Ferment - SS keg for 3 days at 68F Secondary Ferment - SS keg for 12 days at 65F Force carbonate with 30 psi CO2 over one week and bottle. Yeast starter made 6 hours before pitching by rehydrating yeast in 3/4 cup 100F water. Cover and let sit. Add 7 tsp. DME to 1 1/4 cup water and boil in flask for 10 min. Immerse in water bath to cool quickly. The yeast and the starter wort will reach 75F at approximately the same time. Pour yeast into mini-wort and swirl to mix. Attach airlock. By the time yeast is pitched, there should be about a 1" krausen on the flask. Evidence of fermentation after pitching should happen within a couple of hours.