Knights of the Brown Bottle

Home Brew Club of Arlington, Texas

This is the main page for the Knights of the Brown Bottle homebrew club. Here you will find links to other pages on our website and links to other web sites devoted to homebrewing. I hope you find our site informative and useful. Thanks for visiting!

Club officers for 
the Knights are:

Gene Wheelbarger

Mike Haws

Competition Chairman
Mike Haws

Bart Hines

Gary Petroski

Steve Wesstrom

Sargeant at Arms:
James Grady

14th Annual Celtic Brew-Off
13th Annual Celtic Brew-Off
2007 Christmas Party     ** 2006 Party Pics **
12th Annual Celtic Brew-Off  **Winners**    **2006 Pics**
The Official Bluebonnet Brew-Off Website     ** 2006 Pics **
Lone Star Circuit
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Big Buck Brew-in Part 2
2006 Bluebonnet Brew-Off Pictures -Party time!!!
Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP)
All the info you need to become a certified beer judge.

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