You have entered web site of the Malted Barley Appreciation Society. We are a beer appreciation and homebrewing club which meets every month at Mugs Ale House in Brooklyn, NY. We have sponsored several homebrew competitions in the past, including the Best of Brooklyn Competition , which drew over 400 entries. We are dedicated to the creation and appreciation of good beer, both in the home and the brewery. We also try not to take ourselves too seriously.

Our members and officers include prize winners from homebrew competitions both local and national, and beginners trying their first batch. Some of our members don't brew any beer at all, but enjoy appreciating the good stuff when they taste it!

We are happy to be sponsored by the Homebrew Digest, which has graciously taken on the task of hosting these pages. Thanks to Pat Babcock and all the folks at the HBD!

Thanks to New York City Beer Guide, we made our first appearance on the Worldwide Web. You can see a listing of many of our newsletters there, at Malted Barley Appreciation Society Newsletter. We have continued the tradition with these pages, for which we take full responsibility.

We have a monthly newsletter which includes information on club activities.

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President: Paul Springs
Webmaster and cartoonist: Bill Coleman
Newsletter Editor: Warren Becker
Treasurer: Eric Freiberg

Dan Pizzillo
Felice Weschler

Chris Cuzme
Rob Gibson
Jennifer Traska Gibson
Alex Hall
Mary Izett
Mike Lovullo
Alan Rice
B.R. Rolya
Bob Weyersberg
Kevin Winn
Lucy Zachman
Ministers of Homebrew Security: Sophie the Poodle, Otto the Dachshund