This site is dedicated to the memory of Wayne Pecknold and all deceased brewers through generous donation by Todd Goodman

Gold Memorials
$100 and up
Bill Pfeiffer
Friends of Bill Pfeiffer
Victims of 9/11/01
The HBD Community
WTC Memorial
Bill Tobler
NYC Firefighters
Jim Binkowski
Dr. George Fix
Tony Kaczorowski
Scott Kaczorowski
Marlon Lang
The Redstick Brewmasters
Antony "Ant" Hayes
The HBD Community

Silver Memorials
$50 - $99

Pewter Memorials
$25 - $49

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Memorials can be purchased by check or money order made payable to Home Brew Digest and mailed to
HBD Server Fund, PO Box 871309, Canton Township, MI 48187-6309
Please include the name of the person for whom the memorial is being purchased, the URL to their commemorative website (We will link to it on the plaque, if one exits), as well as the name of the person or organization buying the memorial - each as they are to appear on the "plaque". Donation amount will determine memorial type. All funds in US dollars. Thank you.