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I'm a gadget freak and a home brewer. Put them both together and here's what you get:

August 21 1998: Since my interests have shifted away from homebrewing, I've sold all my equipment and am essentially out of the hobby for now - but these pages will remain online for the foreseeable future. And I'll still be around to answer questions, so don't hesitate to e-mail me!


Various Homebrewer's Gadgets:

A Two-Tier Converted Keg Brewing System - How I built a 3-vessel brewing system based around some 1/2 barrel beer kegs. Complete plans for keg conversion, support frame construction, plumbing and burner installation. Uses a pump for mash recirculation; sort of a "pseudo-RIMS" setup, I guess. A homebrewer's dream system!

Marty's Counter-Pressure Bottle Filler - Based on Dion Hollenbeck's description of a Foxx Equipment Co. counter-pressure filler. Complete diagrams and instructions for building and using the filler.

In-Line Wort Aerator - A quickly thrown together page describing an idea I had for a way to aerate your wort on the way to the fermenter from the kettle. For use with a stainless steel airstone and (preferably) a counter-flow wort chiller.

A High-Efficiency Immersion Wort Chiller - A truly innovative chiller design incorporating several parallel spirals, all connected through a common input and exhaust manifold. Designed by KJ Sullivan. Still under construction, but there's enough info here to get you started.

A Real Counter-Pressure Bottle Filler - C.D. Pritchard's plans for constructing a counter-pressure bottle filler so you can bottle some of that beer you've got kegged. This is a link to the site where his page is located. I'm including it here because it's one of the niftier homebrew gadgets I've run across.

An Inexpensive Homebrew Filtration System - How to build a dual-purpose system for filtering chlorine and other nasties from your brewing water, as well as yeast and chill haze from your finished beer. Similar to systems sold by The Filter Store Plus and Crystal Clear Products. Still under construction, but should have enough information to get you started.

A Homebrew Refrigerator Temperature Controller - Plans for building a temperature controller for your homebrew refrigerator. Great for lagering, etc. Originally written by Greg Walz; all I did was convert it to HTML and make a nicer schematic diagram.

Electronic Thermometers for Homebrewers - Plans for building inexpensive electronic thermometers and a refrigerator temperature controller. Originally written by Ken Schwartz; I did the HTML work.

Fermentation Chiller - Plans for building a foam "refrigerator" for warm-weather brewing. Uses ice for cooling and a cheap thermostat for control. Another great idea from Ken Schwartz; this is a link to another site where the page is located. I recently built one of these gadgets, combined it with Ken's Thermometer / Controller above and am now happily fermenting away...

A Wooden Roller Grain Mill - Plans for building a wooden, single-roller grain mill. Requires moderate woodworking skill and tools. Written by Dennis Cabell; converted to HTML by yours truly.

Other Nifty Links

The Brewery - Perhaps the most comprehensive homebrewing-related site on the net.

The Valley Mill - A commercial page advertising a high quality, inexpensive dual-roller grain mill for the homebrewer. Features a 6 lb. grain hopper and adjustable roller spacing. Manufactured in Canada by Valley Brewing Equipment. I've got one and absolutely love it!

The Homebrew Pro Shoppe - A link to my favorite local (Kansas City) homebrew store. Owned and operated by Scott McLeroy. Mail order service is available. Check it out for helpful brewing hints as well as information about the store.

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