The new version of the Netscape Communicator has all kinds of really neat features, doesn't it? Like "address cards" that cause your submissions to the Digest to get rejected. Or that fancy HTML encoding that causes your submissions to the Digest to get rejected. Or those lovely "=" signs that make your submissions to the Digest so darned attractive!

Ah, well! What do you EXPECT from a company that makes browsers? A good mail client? Get real ;-)

In a fit of "How do I get this cleared up" brought on by a rash of empty or otherwise rejectable messages in the Digest queue, I have downloaded the m ost recent incarnation of Netscape (I have been to the mountain...) and have gone out to play. My twiddling resulted in a clean, un "equalled" (snicker!) post and has led me to the following ( quoted from the note that drove me to this solution):

> Dear janitor,
> I have Netscape navigator and I guess I cannot figure how to meet
> your guidelines. I have posted several times before and have had no
> difficulty. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

OK. First, go to your EDIT menu (alt-e). Select PREFERENCES. Select
MAIL & GROUPS from the CATEGORY tree to the left. Another sublist (if
it isn't already) should drop down beneath. Select IDENTITY. Look for
a check box next to the phrase "Always attach Address Book Card to
Messages". Take the check away. That'll kill the second thing I
received from you today. The Digest cannot process these "card"

Now, select the MESSAGES item in the same drop down group. Under
MESSAGE PROPERTIES, make sure there is no check next to "By default,
send HTML messages". You also want the "Wrap long lines at XX
characters" to be in the realm of 70 to 72 (the default is 72).
Select MORE OPTIONS button. Make sure the second box has a dot next
to "As is", and ignore their warning. In the bottom box, select
"Always convert the message into plain text".

Pick "OK" to store your new settings.

Under VIEW, select encoding. Set the encoding to "User defined".
Presto. The perfect posting machine!

Hope it helps...

See ya!

Pat Babcock in SE Michigan
Home Brew Digest Janitor
AOL FDN Beer & Brewing Maven

Note: Just poking fun at Netscape. If they weren't around, many of the things I used to build just this page would not exist.