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For the most part... this is an abandoned site. I occasionally honor requests for changes and additions, but I have moved way beyond this 1995 creation, and really haven't the time to maintain it any longer. If you really wish to have a club deleted, info changed, or a club added, go ahead and email, but updates will be incomplete and fairly random, so don't expect quick action.

I am *trying* to keep the club list at The Brewery up to date, though. Updates there are complete, though I only do so roughly quarterly. I recommend you use the list at The Brewery rather than here.


Wish you were here? So do I! If you know of a club that is not listed - whether that club has a web site or not - drop me a line with their name, and the state they're in (or the Country and Province or whatever fer y'all ferinners), and I'll throw their name and, er, state/country/province/etc up here. Be sure and stop back (a) to see that your entry made it and is correct and (b) to let me know if your favorite club put up a website.


Need a web page, but just can't afford the server space?
I'm sure there are others, and as I learn of them, I'll include them here. I'm only affiliated with one (HBD).

Again, if you know of a homebrew club that should be added here, or one of these is no longer in service, please be sure to tell me!
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