HBD Accounting

This ledger reflects the financial status of creating and maintaining a new home for the digest. Excess will be retained for repair/upgrade requirements and administerial expenses (such things as domain name creation/maintenance, etc.). This ledger shall be maintained as a public record.

2004 Home Brew Digest Ledger
Date Income Expense Balance Remarks
01/01/04     $2684.42 2003 Balance Forward
01/12/04 $25.00 $1.03 $2708.39 Donation, Paypal fee
01/15/04 $25.00 $1.03 $2732.36 Donation, Paypal fee
01/16/04 $270.00 $10.55 $2991.81 Donations, Paypal fees
01/20/04 $212.00 $9.18 $3194.63 Donations, Paypal fees
01/21/04 $687.00 $3.80 $3877.83 Promash sponsorship, HBD store royalties, donations, paypal fees
01/24/04 $225.00 $7.93 $4094.90 Donations, paypal fees
01/27/04 $500.00 $1.33 $4593.57 Donations, paypal fees
01/30/04 $535.00 $21.77 $5106.80 Sponsorship, Donations, paypal fees
02/08/04   $204.00 $4902.80 ISP - Jan
02/10/04 $3145.00   $8047.80 Donations, B3 sponsorship
02/17/04   $26.85 $8020.95 HomeBrew Fleamarket domain renewals
02/20/04   $208.95 $7812.00 HBD.ORG domain renewal, PO box renewal
02/25/04 $20.00   $7832.00 Donation
02/28/04 $50.00 $1.75 $7880.25 Donation, paypal fee
03/01/04 $5.00 $0.45 $7884.80 Donation, paypal fee
03/03/04 $200.00   $8084.80 Donations
03/03/04   $204.00 $7880.80 ISP Feb
03/05/04 $3000.00   $10880.80 Northern Brewer Sponsorship
03/05/04   $70.00 $10810.80 Returned Uncashable Donation Checks
03/16/04 $780.00 $8.42 $11582.38 Skotrat Sponsorship, Donations, Paypal fee
03/17/04 $280.00   $11862.38 Brew Rats Sponsorship
04/07/04   $204.00 $11658.38 ISP March
04/09/04 $25.00   $11683.38 Donation
04/18/04   $204.00 $11479.38 ISP April
04/18/04 $815.00   $12294.38 KLOB Sponsorship, AHA Responsorship (recorded), BabsTech.com income (180)
05/08/04   $204.00 $12090.38 ISP May
05/13/04   $761.00 $11329.38 New server for brew
05/15/04   $529.95 $10799.43 Drives, network switch, cooling fan
05/23/04   $1146.40 $9653.03 Replacement/remote KVM system
05/27/04   $79.45 $9573.58 Discus Software Upgrade
06/01/04 $180.00 $35.80 $9717.78 Hosting Income; Domain name renewals
06/07/04   $222.06 $9495.72 ISP June plus prorate of partial May (due to upgrade)
06/17/04 $210.00   $9705.72 Donations
07/07/04   $214.00 $9491.72 ISP July
07/11/04 $50.00 $2.55 $9539.17 Donations, paypal fees
07/11/04 $500.00   $10039.17 Promash sponsorship check
07/29/04 $5.00 $0.45 $10043.72 Donation, Paypal fee
08/09/04   $214.00 $9829.72 ISP Aug
08/16/04 $25.00 $1.28 $9853.44 Donation, Paypal fee
09/07/04   $214.00 $9639.44 ISP Sep
09/17/04 $25.00   $9664.44 Donation
10/05/04 $60.00   $9724.44 hosting income
10/06/04   $214.00 $9510.44 ISP Oct
10/24/04 $50.00   $9560.44 Donation
11/01/04   $95.70 $9464.74 HBD.ORG domain names (brewery, recipator, fleamarket, etc) not already accounted for, secure certs
11/06/04   $214.00 $9250.74 ISP Nov
11/18/04 $10.00 $0.59 $9260.15 Donation, Paypal fee
11/22/04 $20.00 $0.88 $9279.27 Donation, Paypal fee
11/23/04 $45.00 $1.91 $9322.36 Donations, Paypal fees
11/28/04 $30.00 $1.17 $9351.19 Donation, Paypal fee
12/05/04   $346.00 $9005.19 ISP December; OS Support Subscription
12/06/04   $1575.00 $7430.19 Annual electricity reimbursement
12/09/04 $35.00 $1.87 $7463.32 Donations, Paypal fees
12/22/04 $70.00   $7533.32 Donations

Note: Entries are made online and "on the fly". The ledger is occasionally pulled into Excel, sloppy math errors are corrected, and the page is put back online. This was last performed on 11/01/04.

All donations to the Home Brew Digest are appreciated and used to cover its operating expenses - predominantly the maintenance of the server equipment and the domain name. Currently, the Digest has no bank account of its own. Donations must be made payable to   Pat Babcock   in order for the funds to be used. Donations can be mailed to (NOTE NEW ADDRESS):

HBD Server Fund
2478 Cabot St
Canton Township, MI 48188-1825

NOTE: My bank has become very picky, and is returning ANY checks that have "HBD SERVER FUND" on the "pay to" line - even if written with "Or Pat Babcock". Please ensure that my name is the only thing on the "pay to" line. If you wish to have "HBD Server Fund" on the check, please ensure it is only in the Memo field. Thanks.

Electricity Reimbursement: The HBD represents a significant increase in electricity expenses to the Janitor's household. There have been no other significant changes to the household which could account for an increase in electricity usage over the past five years.

To make up the difference, electricity costs over the two and a half years on record prior to the HBD's move to its own connection were averaged month-to-month (there is an average for each month). These averages are adjusted for current per-kilowatt-hour rates and then subracted from the current month's bill as the basis for reimbursement.

Detroit Edison has an uncanny knack for screwing up such systems. They rely almost exclusively on estimated readings for billing, and then come out once every six months or so to do an actual reading. They then compile the charges for the entire six month period, deduct any payments made against the estimated readings during that same period, and bill the remainder/reimburse the excess. This is why it may appear that the electricity charge is inconsistent month to month. This is not so much of an issue since the HBD has been in this setting for several years now.

Finally, rather than go through the comparison and estimate routine every six months, the reimbursements from the preceeding year will be adjusted by any electrical rate increase and applied annually.

Note #2: 20040523 One of our major 2004 sponsors recommended that his donation be used to purchase my time in order to update and repair the network in order to improve its uptime. I did not feel comfortable with the HBD paying me for my services - after all, it is precisely this that chaffed me with respect to the AHA a few years back. Instead, I opted to purchase a few pieces of equipment which will give me better capability to remotely resolve issues with the physical machines, and am donating my time to rebuild the HBD server and the services contained therein.

It is my hope that these actions will improve the HBD and increase its sustainability. Rebuild of the HBD server is underway (as many are painfully aware)...

All donations to the Home Brew Digest are appreciated and used to cover its operating expenses - predominantly connectivity, the maintenance of the server equipment and the associated domain names. The HBD is a legally registered not-for-profit corporation in Michigan, and has its own bank account. Checks can be made payable to "Home Brew Digest, Inc." or, simply, "HBD", if that is preferred for your bookkeeping; however, Home Brew Digest, Inc. is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 public charity, making your donation deductible on your income taxes to the full extent allowable by law - however, in order to be deducted from your taxes you must make the check payable to Home Brew Digest, Inc. as the IRS will not recognize "HBD" (however, we are maintaining records of donors to assist where necessary). Donations can be mailed to (NOTE NEW ADDRESS):

HBD Server Fund
2478 Cabot St
Canton, MI 48188-1825

NOTE: It is still advisable that, if you wish to have "HBD Server Fund" on the check, please ensure it is only in the Memo field. Leave the payee as Home Brew Digest, Inc. or HBD.


Donations to the HBD Server Fund can also be made by credit card via the following link. Once at the PayPal site, you can donate any amount from $5 upward, in increments of $5 to serverfund@hbd.org. Please note that the HBD loses $0.30 plus 2.2% off of the total of each donation. If you wish to donate more than $5, please change the "quantity" field to reflect the multiple of $5 US you wish to donate, rather than make several separate donations of $5. Thanks! Here's the link:

Please NOTE: If you have a Paypal account, you can save the HBD some donation money when you make yours! Here's how: log in, select "Send Money", select the "Personal" tab, and then select the "Gift" radio button. The address to send to is serverfund@hbd.org. Doing this saves the HBD the Paypal fees noted above. Thanks!

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