HOMEBREW Digest #11 Thu 17 November 1988

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  Recipes, I want recipes! (Mike Meyer)
  Wyeast Liquid Yeast (Mike Fertsch)
  Distribution list (m20502)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 17 Nov 88 10:35:36 PST From: meyer at tcville.hac.com (Mike Meyer) Subject: Recipes, I want recipes! The subject line sort of says it all. How about a mailing-list-wide collection of favorite recipes, categorized by beer style and degree of difficulty (all-extract/some grain/all-grain)? We could just have contributors submit them to the digest, unless someone wants to compile them into a collection (I'll volunteer, if people think this is a good idea). While I don't expect it would be easy to come up with a standard format for beer and ale recipes exchanged in this group, there are some things we should probably keep in mind: I think that the format of recipes used in, say, Zymurgy, leaves a bit to be desired. Simply listing the ingredients is usually not enough, especially when the recipe involves an ingredient or technique a less experienced brewer is unfamiliar with, such as using Crystal Malt, etc. I'd like to see recipes that answer the question 'How do YOU do that?' , especially when dealing with fresh fruit, honey, hops, and grains. Everyone evolves their own techniques, and we can all learn something at times. In addition, a lot of these recipes are specific about the brands of ingredients, without noting that the particular brand is or isn't crucial. Sometimes, a product is so distinctive that substitution shouldn't be done, for example, Munton and Fison Old Ale Kit, or Telford's Nut Brown Ale extract, but in other cases, any ol' Amber Hopped extract will do. I wouldn't mind just seeing people's comments on the widely published recipes they've used, for that matter. I'm making Toad Spit Stout right now, has any one else had good luck with it? Any little extras or substitutions that made a difference? This is really what people want to know when they see a recipe: is it as good as it sounds, and how can I put my own twist on it? What would you do diffrently next time? There are some specific types of recipes I'm anxious to try right now: Imperial Stout Porter Pale Ale Blackberry Mead (my roommate wants to try a 1-gallon batch, any pointers, Batte?) I guess that's enough for now. I'll try to post a recipe or two soon. Mike Meyer meyer at tcville.HAC.COM (P.S.: Has anyone else noticed the increase in homebrewing question traffic in rec.food.drink? Maybe we should submit a regular "Frequently Asked Questions about Homebrewing" posting to the group. I'm seeing a lot of overlap there with this list.) Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 88 14:44 EST From: Mike Fertsch <hplabs!uiucdcs!meccad.RAY.COM!FERTSCH> Subject: Wyeast Liquid Yeast gotham!ursa!baby!djh at Sun.COM (David Hyder) asks: > Have any of you tried Wyeast liquid yeasts? How much of an > improvement have you noticed (if any)? Does the fact that the yeast > may take 1-7 days to be ready for pitching cramp your style? My limited experience (three batches) with Wyeast has been good. The yeast ferments well, and results in a very clean tasting beer. After finishing its business, it sediments well, giving a clear beer. Contrary to the directions on the package, I feel that Wyeast DOES need a to be stepped up before pitching. The quantity of yeast in the package is not enough to get good fermentation going fast. What I do is pop the package by breaking the inner seal, and wait for the package to bloat. I then open the gold package and add it to about a pint-and-a-half of sterile wort. I wait a day or two and add it to my 5 gallons of wort. I found that the Wyeast usually starts and bloats out much faster than the package predicts. The package states a 'start time' of one day per month after the processing date on the package. I have had three month old packages ready to rupture one day after breaking the seal. Perhaps I just have a good supplier. I brew on a spur-of-the-moment basis. I find it difficult to have yeasts ready at the same time I brew. I often have yeasts ready and no time to brew, or time to brew and no yeast ready. I need to plan my time better, quit my job, or stick to dry yeasts. Mike Fertsch Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 88 17:45:06 est From: m20502%d82vms at mitre-bedford.ARPA Subject: Distribution list Please add me to the homebrew distribution list. I used to be at Raytheon, now I am at MITRE. My address is: "m20502%d82vms at mitre-bedford.arpa" Matt Harris MITRE Corporation Bedford, Mass. Return to table of contents
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