HOMEBREW Digest #123 Sat 08 April 1989

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		Rob Gardner, Digest Coordinator

  BrewCo Boiler ("1107-CD&I/VIRUS DISEASES")
  Re: yeast, hops, coolers (Pete Soper)
  new books (Pete Soper)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 7 Apr 89 10:51:00 EST From: "1107-CD&I/VIRUS DISEASES" <henchal at wrair.ARPA> Subject: BrewCo Boiler I recently bought a BrewCo Boiler. This is a mash-tun/boiler whcih consists of a 7.5 gal plastic pail with a thermostat- controlled heating element in the bottom. I bought it so that I could make hassel-free all-grain beer. I assumed that the device would come with complete instructions, but I felt there were gaps in the information I was provided. If someone has some experience with these boilers (or similar appliances, would they send me some successful guidelines for its use? Specifically: 1. The manufacturers indicate that grain:water ratios as much as 4 lbs grain: 1 gal water are NOT recommended with the BrewCo Boiler. I usually use 1 lb grain to 1 quart water. What are good alternative grain to water ratios? 1 lb grain to 1.5 quarts? 1 lb grain to 2 quarts? 2. The manufacture also warns about scorching the grain at high grain to water combinations, and recommend the use of a grain bag. Is this commonly done? Does the bag/grain sit on the element? Do I have to fit in a false bottom? Can scorching be avoided merely by frequent stirring? 3. I notice that the boiler has a "drum tap" on the side. If I use a grain bag and false bottom, is it possible to sparge the grain in the mash-tun? Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Erik A. Henchal <Henchal at WRAIR.ARPA> Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 89 15:34:41 edt From: Pete Soper <soper at maxzilla.encore.com> Subject: Re: yeast, hops, coolers lbr at gatech.edu (Len Reed) writes: >Where are you getting this number? Noonan and Miller say commercial Where did I get that number? From wheel of fortune? I did cross krausen beer pitching rates with yeast pitching rates. Sorry. My point was simply that of all the things to be concerned with, over- pitching should be at the bottom of the list. I should have pictured the yeast cake size in the bottom of a fermenter before conjuring up that stupid one quart figure. >Me too. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. And what about temperature? I keep my starters in the same spot where I do my fermentations so the temps are very close. -Pete Soper arpa: soper at encore.com ( uucp: {talcott,linus,bu-cs,bellcore,decvax,necntc}!encore!soper Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 89 15:41:57 edt From: Pete Soper <soper at maxzilla.encore.com> Subject: new books Anybody know the status of a new book by Randy Mosher's called "The Brewer's Workbook"? How about Dr. George Fix's "An Introduction to Brewing Science"? --Pete Return to table of contents
Date: 4 Apr 89 20:23:00 EDT From: "FEINSTEIN, CHERYL" <crf at gnv.ifas.ufl.edu> Subject: NEW, ALTERNATIVE ADDRESS Hi there! My VAX just got connected to INTERNET, as well as BITNET. So I now have an alternative e-mail address: "CRF at GNV.IFAS.UFL.EDU". If it would prove more convenient to use this address to send me the 'Brew Digest, do. Also, please do me a favor and acknowledge receipt of this message; I'm trying to figure out which addresses will work _via_ this upgrade. Thanks! Very truly yours, Cher Feinstein Univ. of Fla. Gainesville, FL Return to table of contents
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