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  Yeasty/Sulphury (Phil Brushaber)
  Re: Fixed Kettle Thermometers (Dion Hollenbeck)
  Breweriana (MARK CASTLEMAN)
  Hops Storage and rate of deterioration (scott mclagan)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 24 Dec 93 08:39:49 CST From: philb at pro-storm.metronet.com (Phil Brushaber) Subject: Yeasty/Sulphury I've got a new angle on these off-tastes I have been getting when kegging in stainless steel. I got another opinion. My wife is the head of new products/recipes at Tony Roma's restuarants. She has been the head of R&D of a number of national chains. I mention this not because I like to brag on my wife (although I do) but because she has a much more "educated pallet" than I do. (Advertising guys have no "taste" as we all know). Alison suggests that the taste I have been trying to get rid of is not metallic or iodine-like, but yeasty/sulphury. You know she may be right. I stuck my head in the fermenting refrigerator where I currently have a couple of batches perking away... Discounting the CO2 smell ( I know CO2 has no smell), the smell generated in the frige overnight is VERY much like the taste I have been getting. Because of space needs I have been secondarying in cornelius kegs which I keep in the lagering refigerator. Is it possible that doing secondary in closed kegs is not allowing the yeasty/sulphur componds to escape, but in fact is disolving the taste in the beer? Does this sound possible or am I heading down another blind alley on my Beer Detective investigation? - ----- Internet: philb at pro-storm.metronet.com UUCP: metronet.com!pro-storm!philb Bitnet: philb%pro-storm.metronet.com at nosc.mil Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 93 08:22:57 PST From: hollen at megatek.com (Dion Hollenbeck) Subject: Re: Fixed Kettle Thermometers >>>>> "Will" == Will B Blalock <willb at hp3.imed.com> writes: Will> I have seen pictures of SS kettles and hot liquid tanks that Will> have thermometers attached on the sides midway between bottom Will> and top. Is this easily done? Does it take a special thermometer Will> which has to be welded to the side or can it be attached in an Will> easier way? Where do you find these flat thermometers (or do you Will> cut the stem off a typical style thermometer? Is it worth it? Will> -- Will> *-------------------------------*------------------------------* Will> | Will Blalock : willb at imed.com | No one ever called Picasso | Will> | 409-798-0201 Angleton Texas | an assho. | Will> *-------------------------------*------------------------------* I have two of these. I used Sankey kegs. It is *very* easily done if you can weld stainless steel. The thermometers come with 1/2" Male NPT fittings. Just weld a 3/4" x 1/2" SS bushing into the keg, put lots of teflon pipe tape on the thermo threads and screw it in. ****Do Not Forget The Teflon Tape**** You can obtain these thermos from most any good industrial hardware supply. One is McMaster-Carr. (310)695-2449. They will ship to anybody COD, but a catalog is nearly impossible for an individual to obtain since they are HUGE and costly to produce. Here is the thermo I bought, there are several other styles available: Part # 3946K176 3" Back Connection Dry BiMetal Thermometer 6" stem, 20 to 240F in 2F increments. $31.02 plus shipping. dion Dion Hollenbeck (619)455-5590x2814 Email: hollen at megatek.com Staff Software Engineer megatek!hollen at uunet.uu.net Megatek Corporation, San Diego, California ucsd!megatek!hollen Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1993 17:56:18 -0700 (MST) From: MARK CASTLEMAN <mwcastle at ouray.Denver.Colorado.EDU> Subject: Breweriana While this is tangentially related to homebrewing I thought I would share it here at the holidays. Anyone passing through eastern Colorado in the summer should stop in Burlington to see the Kit Carson County Carousel. Of interest to brewers is the goat. He looks like he stepped out of a bock label and on the back of the saddle he is decorated with barley and hops. Beery Christmas! Hoppy New Year! Visualize Whirled Peas! Mark W Castleman Big Dog Brewing Cooperative - West Wouldn't it be terrible if I quoted some reliable statistics which prove that more people are driven insane through religious hysteria than by drinking. --W.C. Fields Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 93 19:57:01 -0800 From: mclagan at sfu.ca (scott mclagan) Subject: Hops Storage and rate of deterioration In Homebrew Digest #1306 (December 24, 1993), Mark Garetz writes: "Yes. This will approximately double the storage life, or another way of looking at it is this will cut the rate of deterioration in half." Thanks for information Mark. I am interested in the 'rate of deterioration' versus bittering/aroma ability. The statement 'this will cut the rate of deterioration in half' makes me wonder if I should scrutinize how my local vendor (and their suppliers) handle their hops . As I venture into the more exotic varieties of hops, (which are less commonly used), should I assume that I will need more quantity to achieve the same quality because of aging? Has anyone developed a scale to indicate rate of deterioration of aroma/alpha over time? Thanks, Scott McLagan <mclagan at fraser.sfu.ca> Coordinator for Computers, School District #43 (Coquitlam), B. C., Canada Return to table of contents
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