HOMEBREW Digest #184 Fri 23 June 1989

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		Rob Gardner, Digest Coordinator

  Beginning mashing & water filters (man)
  Wanted: wheat beer recipes (Alex M. Stein)
  Thanks! (pbmoss!mal)
  Label Images Wanted (John S. Watson)
  Canadian homebrew laws? (davet)
  Interesting Ingredients ("Allen J. Hainer")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 22 Jun 89 08:11:12 EDT (Thu) From: man at granjon.att.com Subject: Beginning mashing & water filters I have been thinking about getting into all-grain brewing for a while, but haven't done anything about it. The most recent issue of Zymurgy has an article on mashing using the single-step infusion method and a cooler. For all you grain brewers out there - Does this seem a good beginner method to you ? Also, the author uses a brew-boiler. Is this needed ? Or could I heat the water in my kettle ? I guess the brew-boiler is better in that the spigot can regulate the flow. Any ideas on doing this with a kettle.? I guess I'd need a wort chiller now, too. Any other pointers for the first-time masher are also welcome. Another comment about the most recent Zymurgy: I was a little overcome by the ads for water filters and articles on water in general. Don't get me wrong. The Miller article on water treatment was facinating, but the full-page water filter ads were a little much, especially combined with the reverse-osmosis article. I got confused as to which article the ads were aimed at. Anyone concur ? Mark Nevar Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 89 09:36:33 PDT From: rutgers!retix.retix.com!alexs at hplabs.HP.COM (Alex M. Stein) Subject: Wanted: wheat beer recipes While my first batch of beer ever bubbles and ferments happily, I've been thinking about what to brew next. Does anyone out there have a good recipe for wheat beer? I've grown partial to Pinkus Weizen (sp?) lately and would love to brew something similar. Thanks. Alex Stein alexs at retix.com (213) 399-2200 x188 work (213) 399-0581 home Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 89 12:45:01 -0700 From: pacbell!pbmoss!mal at hplabs.HP.COM Subject: Thanks! Oh, what have I wrought? Thanks to all who've supplied my missing Digests, and especially to Jim Bauer, Mike Kahn, and Joshua Glasser (Win, Place, and Show, respectively). The instant and huge response to my request is extremely heartening! Homebrewers certainly are a helpful bunch, aren't they? Thanks again to all. - Martin = Martin A. Lodahl Pac*Bell Minicomputer Operations Support Staff = = {att,bellcore,sun,ames}!pacbell!pbmoss!mal 916/972-4821 = = If it's good for ancient Druids, runnin' nekkid through the wuids, = = Drinkin' strange fermented fluids, it's good enough for me! 8-) = Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 89 13:36:38 -0700 From: John S. Watson <watson at ames.arc.nasa.gov> Subject: Label Images Wanted Hello Homebrewers, After my seventh batch of homebrew I wish to make some labels for my homebrew, and use the various painting programs on my computer. The problem is, none of these programs have any pictures of barley or hops or beer-like things. So, would anybody have some "beer" images, icons, etc. they'd like to send me, or even examples of labels you have made with your computers. (I can decode and convert to just about any standard format, gif: sun-raster, tif or even raw.) Please uuencode them. I'd also like to get a hold of some nice big old fashioned looking fonts. Also, what kind of information do you folks like to put on the label. Here's what I'm including: name of my beer, type of beer, month/year made, and batch number. Anything else come to mind? What is the best way to get old labels and foil off? Thanks, John ARPA: watson at ames.arc.nasa.gov UUCP: ...!ames!watson Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 89 16:51:40 EDT From: davet at rdrc.rpi.edu Subject: Canadian homebrew laws? Does anyone know what the homebrewing laws are in Canada? I will be moving to Toronto soon and would like to continue my homebrewing up there. -- Dave Tonnesen tonnesed at turing.cs.rpi.edu Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 89 19:24:36 EDT From: "Allen J. Hainer" <ajhainer at violet.waterloo.edu> Subject: Interesting Ingredients In HBD #174, I posted a request for information about "interesting ingredients", in other words, anything besides malt, hops and yeast. I promised to summarize and well ... I only got two responses. Before I summarized, I decided to repost in the hopes that there were some of you who decided to wait for someone else respond (I can't believe that only 2/400 of you have tried anything creative in your beer). I'm looking for accounts of any such experiences (maybe I wasn't so clear about that in my original posting): *************** All this talk about different ingredients has brought up several examples about which I know very little (my only references being Papazian's and Birch's books): yarrow cardamom woodruff honey raspberries etc. Papazian has covered cherries, ginger, cinnamon plus various others that were not mentioned. I'm interested in three things about these ingredients in beer: 1 - What type of beer they are good in. 2 - Approxamately how much and when they should be added. 3 - What their affect is. Any comments from those of you who have tried these or ANY other interesting ingredients would be greatly appreciated (I know there must be A LOT of creative homebrewers out there ;-) Please respond by e-mail, and I will summarize. -Al (ajhainer at violet.waterloo.edu) Return to table of contents
End of HOMEBREW Digest #184, 06/23/89
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