HOMEBREW Digest #193 Mon 03 July 1989

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		Rob Gardner, Digest Coordinator

  Re: cleaning up your act.... (blumenthal  at  home with the armadillos)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sun, 2 Jul 89 13:16:17 CDT From: brad at cs.utexas.edu (blumenthal at home with the armadillos) Subject: Re: cleaning up your act.... I thought I would throw my gram of hops into the discussion of sterilizing agents. I've been using a product called B-Brite which is made by Crosby and Baker (Westport, MA). The package reads: "Made with active oxygen as the sanitizer. Does not contain chlorine, bisulfate or organic compounds." One 8-ounce package ($2.35) has lasted me through about 6 5-gallon batches; that includes sterilizing primary and secondary fermenters and bottles, as well as siphoning tubes, measuring cups (for S.G. samples), etc. Speaking of bottles, I've never used a bottle brush. I make sure that the bottle is thoroughly rinsed *as soon as it's emptied* (about four times with hot water). When it's time to bottle, I put about an ounce of B-Brite solution in, shake it for 10 or 15 seconds, then rinse with cold water three or four times. I suppose I'm pretty lax about cleanliness compared to some, but in my limited experience, I've never had even a hint of infection. WRT the discussion about head space: I've also noticed that the less headspace I leave in the bottle, the more carbonated the beer is. This makes sense to me, given my naive understanding of the compressibility of gas and the relation between pressure and gas in solution. Obligatory joke (whoops, wrong forum): One recent batch came out to be about 9+% alcohol (the recipe is not worth posting -- it tastes like a cross between Pabst Dark and sake). We named it Hazelwood -- "Totally alcoholic and completely incompetent." Cheers, brad Return to table of contents
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