HOMEBREW Digest #21 Wed 07 December 1988

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		Rob Gardner, Digest Coordinator

  ginger beer and answers for brian (Jay Hersh)
  request for CJoHB index

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 7 Dec 88 10:54:35 est From: jhersh at yy.cicg.rpi.edu (Jay Hersh) Subject: ginger beer and answers for brian hi, Dick dunn's recipe sounds good. I've got to start drinking more so I can try out some of these great recipes i've been getting lately. Some answers for brian b. The advantage of the 2 stage system is to move the beer off of sedimented yeast. This helps to aid clarification and prevent off flavors from yeast decay. There may be some others I just can't recall. Personally I use a single stage technique in a carboy with a blow off tube for ales, and a 2 stage in carboys for lagers. I've never had problems with the single stage. Of course carboys make it harder to dry hop (add hops to the fermenter) Next answer. Most people add hops during the boil and at the end. the ones added during (at any of various and varying times) are for bittering. The hops added in the last 5 minutes are for aroma (finishing). Any hops added to the fermenter also help the aroma. Brewers call it wort, not must. The boil should be a nice rolling boil. This creates something called a hot break which I believe helps to force proteins and tannins into solid form where they will settle out of the wort. I believe most of this is accurate, if not I'm sure additional corrections will be forthcoming. - jay h Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 07 Dec 88 12:10:22 MST From: rdg Full-Name: Rob Gardner Subject: request for CJoHB index ------- Forwarded Message > Date: Sun, 27 Nov 88 21:59:21 EST > From: spencer at crim.eecs.umich.edu (Spencer W. Thomas) > Message-Id: <8811280259.AA02034 at crim.eecs.umich.edu> > To: homebrew-request%hpfcmr at hplabs.hp.com > > I am sending to the request address in the hopes that I don't have to > bother thousands (hundreds?) with my trivial question: I accidentally > deleted the postscript version (I think it was postscript) of the > CJoHB index. Do you have it? Can you send me a copy? If not, can > you forward my request to the list? Thank you. > > =Spencer ------- End of Forwarded Message Return to table of contents
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