HOMEBREW Digest #259 Wed 20 September 1989

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		Rob Gardner, Digest Coordinator

  BREWNET BBS (Tim Weil)
  BREWNET BBS  (Tim Weil)
  Digest Indices ("MR. DAVID HABERMAN")
  Holiday Beer Recipes Wanted (Alex M. Stein)
  missing issues (John S. Link)
  Hunter monitor vs Honeywell thermostat (Pete Soper)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 18 Sep 89 04:56:58 EDT From: hpda!uunet!f327.n109.z1.FIDONET.ORG!Tim.Weil (Tim Weil) Subject: BREWNET BBS Full-Name: Return to table of contents
Date: 17 Sep 89 19:30:00 EST (SUN) From: Tim Weil Subject: BREWNET BBS NOTE: as a non-USENET BBS BREWNET serves the brewing community of the DC/VA/MD metro area with links across the country. Here is a partial list of our active files & we are definitely looking to expand. By the by, HB Digest is a great service and we store archives of the message base via the USENET/FIDO gateway. *BREWNET* The HomeBrewer's BBS (301 891-SUDS) (FIDO 1:/109/419) Master File List by Area Updated: Thu Sep 14 19:06:51 1989 Return to table of contents
Download Area #1 - What's Brewing Return to table of contents
ABINDEX2.NDX 83328 03-25-89 Revised Alphabetical Index All About Beer Mag BESTBEER.TXT 5376 04-03-89 M. Jackson's Best Beer 4 & 3/4 Star Beer by Sty BREWNET.LST 6469 08-24-89 A list of files on BREWNET CALORIES.TXT 1918 08-18-89 Calories & %Alchohol of major commercial beers MENU.TXT 10240 03-20-89 List of beers served at Brickskellar WINNERS.AHA 8913 07-11-89 Winners List from AHA Ntl. Confab. ***** 8 total files in area 1 ***** 133,140 total bytes in area 1 Download Area #3 - HomeBrew Education Return to table of contents
--- FILES: HomeBrew Education --- AABINDEX.ARC 18048 12-28-88 Index of "All About Beer" Magazine--ARC'd BREWLAW.TXT 5226 01-27-89 U.S. Homebrew Law - The Cranston Bill BREWPUB.ZIP 6220 09-15-89 National List of Microbreweries (needing edit) EGYPT.TXT 5093 05-21-89 HomeBrew on the Nile - circa 3400 B.C. FLAVOR.TXT 19329 01-04-89 Flavors of Beer - GREAT for Judges & Connoisseu NEWS13.ARC 27065 02-03-89 3rd Wave Client Newsletter PORTERS.TXT 3072 03-09-89 Survey of Porter - Commercial Brands described READING.TXT 17792 01-04-89 Review of Books & Periodicals on Beer & Brewing BREWBOOK.TXT 9323 09-12-89 Books in Print listing of Brewing literature TASTEINF.TXT 8704 11-23-88 How to Taste Beer TCJOHB.NDX 23040 10-27-88 Index for The Complete Joy of Home Brewing ***** 10 total files in area 3 ***** 136,692 total bytes in area 3 Download Area #4 - Making HomeBrew - Materials & Technique Return to table of contents
--- FILES: Making Homebrew - Materials & Technique --- AMERCLAS.TXT 2560 03-29-89 Why You Should Choose Only American Classic Mal BREWLOG1.TXT 2048 09-26-88 Brewlog - Front Page, Recipe/Observations BREWLOG2.TXT 3072 09-26-88 Brewlog - Back page, Taste testing, ABA scale HOPCHART.TXT 2116 01-04-89 Hop characteristics and description NEWBREW.TXT 3968 11-25-88 Instructions for 1st time HomeBrewer PROCDURE.TXT 18816 02-14-89 Procedures for Brewing Good Beer SHPSELCT.TXT 4096 03-29-89 Selecting A Shop once leaving DC - Guidlines YEAST.TXT 9216 11-25-88 The importance of yeast in brewing ***** 8 total files in area 4 ***** 45,892 total bytes in area 4 Download Area #5 - Recipes Return to table of contents
--- FILES: Recipes --- AMCLASSC.TXT 21888 02-08-89 Recipes Using American Classic Malt Extracts AUSSY.TXT 2910 02-09-89 Australian Lager - a la Foster's FULLER1.WBR 1054 12-27-88 Fuller London Pride - All Grain FULLER2.WBR 949 12-27-88 Fuller London Pride - Extact FULLESB.TXT 1071 10-05-88 Fuller Extra Strong Bitters IPA.TXT 1739 05-07-89 India Pale Ale LIKEUBUY.PAK 11007 03-19-89 Quality Commercial Beer Recipes MACKESON.TXT 2937 03-19-89 Whitebreads 'Milk Stout' a la Dave Line/TWT OLDPECUL.TXT 2296 10-18-88 Old Peculiar README.TXT 3359 10-18-88 Procedure for Recipes & What's Here SAMSMPAL.TXT 2386 10-18-88 Samuel Smith's Pale Ale SMYTHWCK.TXT 1074 10-18-88 Smythwck's Irish Ale VICTORIA.TXT 2831 10-18-88 Old Victoria - Bitter ***** 13 total files in area 5 ***** 55,501 total bytes in area 5 Download Area #7 - BREWBEER File Area Return to table of contents
--- FILES: BREWNET Matrix Area --- HBNET185.ZIP 10624 07-07-89 Internet Homebrew Digest 180-185 HBNET190.ZIP 30720 07-07-89 Internet Homebrew Digest 186-190 HBNET195.ZIP 18432 07-07-89 Internet Homebrew Digest 191-195 HBNET200.ZIP 23552 07-13-89 Internet Homebrew Digest #197-200 HBNET205.ZIP 24576 07-25-89 Internet Homebrew Digests #201-205 HBNET210.ZIP 19456 07-25-89 Internet Homebrew Digests #206-210 HBNET215.ZIP 23552 07-31-89 Internet Homebrew Digests #211-215 HBNET220.ZIP 21248 08-08-89 Internet Homebrew Digests #216-220 HBNET225.ZIP 24320 08-16-89 Internet Homebrew Digests #221-225 HBNET230.ZIP 20608 08-17-89 Internet Homebrew Digests #126-130 HBNET235.ZIP 15360 08-30-89 Internet Homebrew Digests #231 - 235 HBNET240.ZIP 22528 08-30-89 Internet Homebrew Digests #236-240 HBNET245.ZIP 22528 09-14-89 Internet Homebrew Digests #241-245 HBNET250.ZIP 24576 09-14-89 Internet Homebrew Digests #246-250 ***** 14 total files in area 7 ***** 302,080 total bytes in area 7 ***** 78 total files in all areas ***** 1,864,655 total bytes in all areas -- Tim Weil - FidoNet 1:109/401 - The Black Cat's Shack Internet: Tim.Weil at f327.n109.z1.FIDONET.ORG UUCP: ...!uunet!hadron!blkcat!327!Tim.Weil Return to table of contents
Date: 19 Sep 89 09:48:00 PDT From: "MR. DAVID HABERMAN" <habermand at afal-edwards.af.mil> Subject: Digest Indices Sorry about cluttering up the digests with the indices (OK, table of contents summaries) but I thought that they were useful. The concensus that I get from the digest messages and personal ones, is that most people would like them sent as separate messages. I am underprivleged and not on a UNIX system, so I can't do some of the fancy search utilities. I also store my digests in compressed archive format and have to uncompress them if I want to look at one. If I have an idea which one to get, it takes less time. As far as the subjects go, I mentioned in my initial posting that I have not done any editing of the subject lines. The ones for September have been edited, but the other 10 months would take too long to go through. I am editing them as I reeive them so it iis easier now. I have sent all the indices that I have so far, to the homebrew archives at mthvax.cs.miami.edu for those that want to get them. I can also arrange with Rob to have them sent out in a mass mailing if that would be ok with everyone else. There are 6 more left (Nov88-May89 except Feb89) to send. David Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 89 10:07:54 PDT From: alexs at retix.retix.com (Alex M. Stein) Subject: Holiday Beer Recipes Wanted This weekend, I saw my first Christmas display of the season in a local store. I took this as a sign that it was not too early to think about end-of-year/holiday brews. So: Anyone have a tasty holiday recipe to share? Alex Stein "In the shops are shiny things I can see them glittering Wish that I could buy them all Wish I lived in a shopping mall. ..." Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 89 14:47:57 edt From: John S. Link <prcrs!link at uunet.UU.NET> Subject: missing issues I have just started to receive the Homebrew Digest again. Our uunet connection was down. During this time, I missed #'s 230 - 254. Could someone send me copies if they have these? (For that matter, the first Digest I received was # 101. Does anyone have copies of # 1 - 100?) Thanks for your help. As a novice brewer, the information obtained on this mailing list is priceless. John Link Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 89 17:30:47 EDT From: Pete Soper <soper at maxzilla.encore.com> Subject: Hunter monitor vs Honeywell thermostat From: Crawford.WBST129 at Xerox.COM (Greg Crawford) >Thanks to ERIK A. HENCHAL for recommending the Hunter Energy Monitor. I >bought mine this weekend and it is exactly what I need. I just got my Fall >issue of Zymurgy and they include an article on how to install a thermostat >in a fridge. The only problem is that their method uses a $45 honeywell >unit (my Hunter cost $39.95) and it is more work to install. For those that haven't seen the "Zymurgy" article, it should be pointed out that the Honeywell is just a thermostat. It doesn't have a built in remote thermometer with LCD readout, battery protected clock, etc. The only thing the Honeywell unit has that I wish the Hunter had is an adjustable "span". I know I've probably used the wrong term. What I mean is a way of saying "turn on X degrees above and turn off Y degrees below the set point". Also, "more work to install" is an understatement. I'd count in at least a few hassle equivalent dollars to the real cost of the Honeywell unit for a more fair comparison. --Pete Return to table of contents
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