HOMEBREW Digest #265 Wed 27 September 1989

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  Cold fermentation and funny flavor (Mark Gryska)
  Re:  Homebrew Digest #263 (September 24, 1989) (Death and Vaxes)
  Pitching Yeast (Patrick Stirling [Sun Consulting Services Mtn View])

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 26 Sep 89 12:20 EST From: Mark Gryska <GRYSKA at cs.umass.EDU> Subject: Cold fermentation and funny flavor Greg Crawford writes: >Also, could anyone tell me what effect fermenting at too cold a temp. >would have. The yeast is a liquid german lager and the fermenting >temp. is 40 degrees. (This was before I bought my hunter energy >monitor). The beer fermented to completion but there is a strange >background flavor I can't put my finger on. Infection has crossed my >mind but I have tried two beers like this with the same results while >my ales fermented at 70 degrees have had no problem. Your problem may be a high diacetyl level. There was an article in one of the volumes of "Best of Beer and Brewing" (Vol 6 ???) about production schedules for Bavarian beers. This confirmed the advice given by my beer ingredient pusher regarding yeast strain #308. It is advisable to raise the temperature of the beer just before it finishes fermenting to 50-60 degrees for a diacetyl rest. The idea is to let the yeast correct it's own mistakes, in practice a brewery will add fresh fermenting beer to the lagered beer (krausening) just before bottling. This brief fermentation will add CO2 and reduce remaining diacetyl to acceptable levels. I'm shooting from the hip here since I don't have my reference material at hand. I can post specifics if anyone is interested. - mg Mark Gryska gryska at cs.umass.edu mark at zippy.cs.umass.edu Return to table of contents
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Date: Tue, 26 Sep 89 10:26:47 PDT From: pms at Sun.COM (Patrick Stirling [Sun Consulting Services Mtn View]) Subject: Pitching Yeast Initially I rehydrated the yeast in a mixture of 1/4 cup of boiling wort and 3/4 cup of cold water - it would develop a good head in the hour of boiling and I got a vigorous fermentation. Then I got lazy and just threw the dried yeast into the cooled (actually not very, 95-100F) wort. That also seemed to work OK. Next time I'll try the plain water rehydration. The only problem I've run into was that the fermentation often didn't go as far as I expected. Papazian says it should go to about 1/4 the OG (eg 1.060 - 1.015); I get about half to two thirds. My parents used to live in the Middle East, and my mother brewed from extract there. Room temperature was around 115F! She said she got a very fast, vigorous fermentation, but it worked fine. patrick Return to table of contents
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