HOMEBREW Digest #27 Fri 16 December 1988

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  Good supplier for wet yeast??? (jmiller)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 16 Dec 88 7:49:12 CDT From: jmiller at unix.eta.com Subject: Good supplier for wet yeast??? O.K. I've looked at the carrot long enough and I'm ready to try liquid yeasts. Now the problem is where should I get it from? I got a catalog from the cellar not long ago and I was checking out their liquid yeasts. The yeast comes in a pouch that you squish together to activate (is this common??)??? The cost for the yeast is $3.99 regardless of type and they have something like 10 of them. Well I was all set and filled out the order form for the yeast and a couple of things I can't get local and then came the shock of my life. When I calculated the shipping costs it was over 1/4 the price of the package. Should I expect this when I mail order??? Does anybody have any recomendations as to a more reasonable mail order place? Another thing is that I've seen references to a yeast bank and I was wondering what it is, where I might get such a thing, and if those of you that use it think it is worth its investment. My original approach to running a culture was going to be to use quart size mason jars with sterile wort to propagate ala the JOHB. I figured a quart over the size of a beer bottle might allow for better pitching rates. As usual, comments are appreciated. Jeff Miller (jmiller at eta.com) Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 88 22:11:55 EST From: hpfcma!hplabs!amdahl!uunet!ingr!holt!holt > Date: Tue, 6 Dec 88 10:17:17 MST > > From: hpfcla!hpcea!hplabs!utah-cs!iwtsf!korz (Algis R Korzonas +1 312 979 8583) > Full-Name: > Subject: Liquid yeast > > > I am going to try using liquid yeast instead of dry yeast > for my next few batches. I would like to know if anyone > has used William's liquid yeasts. I got a catalog from > ... > Al. > Al Korzonas > att!iwtsf!korz I have been using Williams supplies a lot lately and have found their stuff to be very good. They have their own malt extract and malt extract syrup which seems to be very good quality. Their kits are also good. I and several people in our club have made the wheat beer kit (which uses liquid yeast) and they have all turned out great. I'm making a bock right now (based on TCJoHB "Potlatch Dopplebock") using Williams ingredients and liquid lager yeast. Its fermenting away right now. It took about 24 hours from pitching till there were signs of activity. I have had one unusual experience - I made a porter about two months ago and used their dried ale yeast - I forget the variety but it is a package of 14 grams, which it says is twice as much as normal dried packages so the ferment starts fast. However after 24 hours there was no sign of any activity so I panicked and threw in a package of Ironmaster yeast I had lying around. (That was partly because I was leaving town for two days and didnt want to risk it.) It was going well when I got back. Usually using dried yeast I have activity within hours, and its blowing off in 24. Anyone else have any experience with Williams dried ale yeast? Jeff Holt uunet!ingr!holt!holt Return to table of contents
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