HOMEBREW Digest #279 Mon 16 October 1989

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  Bottling problem? (Francois Felix INGRAND)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sun, 15 Oct 89 17:29:35 PDT From: Francois Felix INGRAND <felix at ai.sri.com> Subject: Bottling problem? I am quite new to this mail list and also to the homebrewing activity, so please, forgive the "may be" stupid content of my questions. First, I made my first batch a month ago, and bottled it 2 weeks ago. I have used malt sugar as priming sugar (not corn sugar). Something strange seems to happen. In each bottle there is a little bit of "something" floating on the top of the beer (there is also a deposit in the bottom, but that's suppose to be that way is not it?). Does that means that my first batch has been infected with a wild yeast? or is it normal (they are not mentioning this phenomena in the Complete Joy of HB...) My second question is about the second batch I brewed last week. Contrary to the first one, I did not make it from a hop flavored malt can but from the real stuff (barley, hops, etc). I strained the wort while putting it in the carboy, but a quite big deposit (2-3 inches) appears very quickly in the carboy (even before I added the yeast). Should I transfer the beer in another carboy to prevent this deposit to be in contact with the beer during the fermentation process, or is it OK to leave it as it is until I bottle it (probably in a week)? Thanks in advance, Felix Return to table of contents
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