HOMEBREW Digest #282 Fri 20 October 1989

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  Two items: (Doug Roberts  at  Los Alamos National Laboratory)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 19 Oct 89 19:19:31 MDT From: roberts%studguppy at LANL.GOV (Doug Roberts at Los Alamos National Laboratory) Subject: Two items: 1. I kegged my Chocolate Point Porter last night, the one which had 1/2 pound of Sumatra coffee beans in the primary fermentation. I think this one is really going to be good -- the coffee aroma & flavor blends nicely with the chocolate and black patent, and with the Cascades hops. 2. Priming: I know Papazian recommends the use of 3/4 cup of corn sugar for priming a five gallon batch, but I swear that I can notice a cidery flavor imparted by the corn sugar that doesn't age out for a month or two. On the other hand, when I prime with 3/4 cup of light dry malt extract (dry krausening?) there is no overtaste. Has anyone else observed this? --Doug ================================================================ Douglas Roberts | Los Alamos National Laboratory |When choosing between two evils, Box 1663, MS F-602 |I always like to try the one Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545 |I've never tried before. (505)667-4569 | dzzr at lanl.gov | ================================================================ Return to table of contents
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