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  US under Attack : Canadian Blood Donors ("Alan McKay")
  Re: Traveling/Flying With Beer (Nancy & George)
  Re: Irishgebot? ("Brian M Dotlich")
  Colors of beer....really color ?? ("Tal McMahon")
  Re: Test Tubes and Stoppers ("Jeff Huck")
  U.S. Under Attack (Richard Foote)
  Acronyms (Stephen Johnson)
  RE: acronyms, bruddy acronyms (Brian Lundeen)
  2001 Pacific Brewers Cup ("The Holders")
  woodruff & raspberry syrup (Jay\) Reeves" <jay666 at bellsouth.net>
  Fw: forward to all (nelsoncomp)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 07:30:25 -0400 (EDT) From: "Alan McKay" <amckay at ottawa.com> Subject: US under Attack : Canadian Blood Donors Any Canadians who wish to give blood to help our friends to the south should call Canadian Blood Services to make an appointment. Call 1-888-2-donate. Blood banks are overflowing, so please phone first to make an appointment. It is best for you, and for the blood bank. Keep in mind that blood will be required for a couple of months yet, so there is no need to rush out immediately. God Bless. - -- "Brewers make wort. Yeast makes beer." - Dave Miller http://www.bodensatz.com/ What's a Bodensatz? http://www.bodensatz.com/bodensatz.html Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 07:58:21 -0400 From: Nancy & George <homsweet at voicenet.com> Subject: Re: Traveling/Flying With Beer At 12:39 AM 9/13/01 -0400, you wrote: >I wouldn't recommend checking the beer in with your checked luggage >(probably serious breakage), and I'm not sure how the pressure in the cargo >compartment would possibly affect something carbonated like beer. I've actually done so with beer in seriously overpacked boxes from the west coast. May have lost one bottle, once. The beer travels fine... with the added advantage that the beer is cold when you reach your destination! Airport security may have different ideas about "unusual" luggage in light of the recent madness. Cheers! George Hummel Nancy & George Home Sweet Homebrew 2008 Sansom St. Phila PA 19103 USA 215-569-9469 215-569-4633 (fax) homsweet at voicenet.com www.beerphiladelphia.com/homesweet Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 08:23:27 -0400 From: "Brian M Dotlich" <BMDotlich at cs.com> Subject: Re: Irishgebot? If Irishgebot calls only for the use of malted barley, does that mean that Hefe-Weizen and Berliner Weisse do not comply with Irishgebot? BMD Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 09:42:22 -0400 From: "Tal McMahon" <tal_mcmahon at beethoven.com> Subject: Colors of beer....really color ?? Hi, I have been having a discussion with my beer friends, maybe this group can help with an answer. Here Goes: Are the colors of beers (red, amber,pale ale,nut brown) used in the descriptions of beers descriptions of the color of the beer, or are they more indicitive of the style of the beer? Several of the "red" beers are lighter in color than those called "amber" and many of the "pale ales" seem darker than either of these. Just curious Bassguy Listen to the "World's Classical Radio Station" http://www.beethoven.com Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 08:45:28 -0600 From: "Jeff Huck" <jeff-huck at home.com> Subject: Re: Test Tubes and Stoppers Bill, I recently bought 10 of the test tubes/ w screw caps from www.morebeer.com (Item Y570). They were .95 each and I think they will work extremely well. I have pressure cooked mine without problems. The opening on the tubes is a bit small, but definatly workable. eBay is also a great source for used lab equipment. I acquired 20 screw top viles for < $10 a couple of months ago as well as 12 kymax petri dishes for < $10. Steam and condensation are definatly problems. I haven't found an adequate solution yet and would be curious to learn of anything you find out. Where did you hear about the "string" idea? I wonder if the string absorbes moisture as well as allows it to escape? Jeff Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 11:22:53 -0400 From: Richard Foote <rfoote at mindspring.com> Subject: U.S. Under Attack Fellow HBD'ers, I read, with heightened interest, Pat's post this morning regarding relief efforts. Now, I normally wouldn't post a non-beer related post, but these are not normal times. Our hobby, which we take much too seriously in light of recent events, seems rather insignificant now. I've been thinking of what I can do as an individual to help. My wife and I are planning to give blood and money. Our local Red Cross is now "booked" into October with blood donations! I have also been thinking of what we, as a community of home brewers, can do. Individual action, as Pat has rightfully urged, is one thing, but what can we do collectively? Perhaps we could get some discussion going on this, if in fact, it is not already happening. One thing that comes to my mind is the upcoming Big Brew. Could it be made into some type of commemorative event somehow? In past years, it has been a dedicated event as a memorial to an individual. Could something similar be done in some kind of meaningful way in remembrance of the innocent victims, police, and fire fighters who perished in this horrible tragedy? We have many bright minds in the HB community. It's a global community. Surely, collectively we can come together put some kind of significant, healing tribute together, if not in conjunction with the Big Brew, perhaps something else. Our club, the Chicken City Ale Raisers will be doing our annual brew demo October 6 at a local Oktoberfest celebration. We may (still working on this) make this a virtual event again that is a live web broadcast with chat and video. Last year, we did hourly drawings for commemorative Oktoberfest mugs to raise money for our club. This year, I may propose to our club that any funds so raised be donated to relief efforts. It's just a little something we can do for public good as home brewers and as human beings. I'm struggling to come to terms with this like we all are right now. I hope I'm not rambling too much. Give this some thought, and if you feel it warrants consideration, perhaps we can get some discussion going. Rick Foote President, Chicken City Ale Raisers Murrayville, GA Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 12:08:32 -0500 From: Stephen Johnson <Stephen.Johnson at vanderbilt.edu> Subject: Acronyms Jeff May asks: OK. What the heck does "NAJASCYYY" mean? I've seen several of these acronyms thrown around as of late. I've seen several versions of this on HBD over the years, but this one specifically is translated to: Not Affiliated Just A Satisfied Customer Yada Yada Yada The intent is to show that the testimonial provided does not in any way represent the opinions of someone paid or reimbursed by the individual or business in question, but just those of a satisfied customer. The "yada yada yada" part would refer to the often seen fine print that goes along with such statements or "legal speak" to such effect. Finally, I'll place this as a friendly reminder in support of the Digest Janitors to prompt people to try using the digest search engine for answers to such questions. Periodically people have provided a long list of acronym translations for those of us in the dark about what such things might mean. I remember when I first started subscribing to HBD that it took me the longest time to figure out that "RDWHAH" was Charlie's mantra of "Relax, Don't Worry, Have A Homebrew" or that a "SWMBO" was "She Who Must Be Obeyed" in order to garner beer bullets. I'm still trying to figure out how to do that... Steve Johnson, President (AAASCMYYY) Music City Brewers Nashville TN home of the 6th Annual Music City Brew-Off on Oct. 27 See details at http://www.musiccitybrewers.com AAASCYYY means "Affiliated And A Satisfied Club Member Yada Yada Yada" Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 12:59:42 -0500 From: Brian Lundeen <blundeen at rrc.mb.ca> Subject: RE: acronyms, bruddy acronyms Jeff May just has to ask: > OK. What the heck does "NAJASCYYY" mean? The standard disclaimer, no affiliation, just a satisfied customer, yada yada yada. Generally used when praising some commercial establishment, such as that fine Canadian homebrew supplier, Paddock Wood. Ummm, oh yeah, NAJASCYYY. ;-) Brian Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 14:49:40 -0700 From: "The Holders" <zymie at charter.net> Subject: 2001 Pacific Brewers Cup 2001 PACIFIC BREWERS CUP The 5th Annual Pacific Brewers Cup Competition is sponsored by the Long Beach Homebrewers, Pacific Gravity, and Strand Brewers Homebrew Clubs. This year, the judging will take place on September 29, 2001 at 9:00am at Rock Bottom Brewery, One Pine Ave, Long Beach CA on the corner of Ocean and Pine Avenue. Entry registration deadline is September 16, 2001 and beer must be at Stein Fillers http://www.steinfillers.com, Brewers Rendezvous http://www.bobbrews.com, Culver City Homebrew Supply http://www.brewsupply.com/cchbs.html, or The Home Wine, Beer, and Cheesemaking Shop http://www.homebeerwinecheese.com between September 16 and September 21. Cost is $6.00 per entry with checks made to Long Beach Homebrewers. Everything can be done on-line at the following web locations: Main Page http://www.pacificbrewerscup.org Entry page is at http://www.pacificbrewerscup.org/register/entryform.htm Judge and steward registration is at http://www.pacificbrewerscup.org/register/judgeform.htm Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 17:05:28 -0500 From: "James \(Jay\) Reeves" <jay666 at bellsouth.net> Subject: woodruff & raspberry syrup Would anyone be able to tell me where I might find woodruff syrup (or essence of woodruff) & raspberry syrup? Also, could anyone tell me from experience (no guessing - I can do that) how much syrup is typically added to a Berliner Weisse? -Jay Reeves Huntsville, AL Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 20:30:52 -0500 From: nelsoncomp at home.com Subject: Fw: forward to all AMEN !!! Subject: forward to all > Because I am in Japan I thought this was pretty appropriate. This is the > reason I forewarded this to everyone I know. I feel helpless here in and hope > you are all well.. > Joanna and Austin > > Friday Night at 7:00 p.m. step out your door, stop your car, or > step out of your establishment and light a candle. We will show the world > that Americans are strong and united together against terrorism. Please > pass this to everyone on your e-mail list. We need to reach everyone across > the United States quickly. The message: WE STAND UNITED - WE WILL NOT > TOLERATE TERRORISM! > Thank you. > We need press to cover this - we need the world to see. > Return to table of contents
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