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  leaking spot weld on corny keg (Richard Seyler)
  Chestnut Beer? (Alexandre Enkerli)
  Berliner Weisse in the making (Chad Hogan)
  Re: Subject: Toxic Iranian Homebrew ("Gary Smith")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 23:13:45 -0400 From: Richard Seyler <tad at vt.edu> Subject: leaking spot weld on corny keg I noticed a slow leak on my prized 2.5 gallon corny keg. It took me a while to find it, but it is leaking from one of the spot welds where the handle is attached to the body of the keg. I am curious as to how I might fix this. I have considered filling it half (or less) with hot water then putting some kind of food safe sealant around the handle, hoping that as it cools, it may draw the sealant into the hole. Alternatively, I could put some sealant at the weld spot on the inside, then pump up the keg to drive the sealant into the leak. My questions are: What can be used as sealant? Is there a better fix that would not exceed the value of the keg? Any other ideas? Thanks! - --Tad Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 09:49:50 -0400 From: Alexandre Enkerli <aenkerli at indiana.edu> Subject: Chestnut Beer? Well... Traffic's still fairly low on the digest. Maybe some people are afraid of causing the server to choke...! As others have said, congratulations Pat on solving your problem. A friend from Corsica has been telling me about "Chestnut Beer" they make there. No idea if it's actual beer with chestnuts or if it's another kind of alcohol made with chestnuts. Anyone ever heard of such a thing? Cheers! AleX in Montreal [555.1km, 62.8] ApparentRennerianCoordinates Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 14:53:04 -0600 From: Chad Hogan <chad.hogan at gmail.com> Subject: Berliner Weisse in the making Hello all, During the HBD hiatus, I started out a Berliner Weisse. I put it together using references from old HBD articles, an Australian forum, and a few other odd spots around the net. I just thought I'd run the method I used and my observations by you all so hopefully someone can let me know if it's on the right track. I started out with a 50/50 mix of wheat and pale. I used a protein rest for about 25 minutes, with a decoction up to 155F or so, an hour at that temperature, followed by a sparging with water at about 165F. I pulled off about 23 litres worth, finishing at 1.010. I did not cool this or boil it, I simply put it straight into a carboy, added a handful of grain, and left it alone. OG was about 1.032 or so. The next morning I added in another handful of grain. By that evening, I had a krausen going. I took a sample, and it was at about 1.032, but it was faintly sulphuric, with some barnyard and other funkiness in there. No sourness was detected at all. That night, it really got rolling, and the sulphur was much stronger. The next day, it slowed down a bit. Gravity was now down to 1.028, and there was an unmistakeable though light acidic brightness and a bit more funkiness. This was yesterday. I haven't tried it yet today, but I'm hoping for more sourness. When I've got the right level of sourness that I'm looking for, I plan to bring it up to boil just enough to stop all the bacteria and other wild stuff. Then I'll chill it and pitch yeast. I have a couple of questions. First, how sour is sour enough? Sour like lemonade? How about a pH? I seem to recall reading somewhere that it should be in the mid-to-high 3s. I guess if I can find some pH paper or something then I'll be able to test it out. Otherwise I'm hoping that some kind of qualitative measure can help me out here. Thanks! -Chad Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 16:19:24 -0500 From: "Gary Smith" <mandolinist at ameritech.net> Subject: Re: Subject: Toxic Iranian Homebrew > Subject: Toxic Iranian Homebrew > > Is there any other kind? > > I just saw this article this morning.... A "friend" who happens to know a "friend" who knows a "friend" who makes shine says using corn works great but you have to minimise any of the cob getting in the mash. Real shame about those that went blind, makes the authorities all the more sure their ban is the right thing I suspect. Gary Gary Smith CQ DX de KA1J http://musician.dyndns.org http://musician.dyndns.org/homebrew.html "I am." is considered the shortest sentence in the English language. "I do." may well be the longest. Return to table of contents
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