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  carbonation and Roeselaere (KEITH R BUSBY)
  re: Not out of the woods... (Pat Babcock)
  Tour of Boags Brewery ("Grant")
  wha?  no more Prime Tabs? (Alan McKay)
  Wheat beers (William Richter)
  PrimeTabs (Demonick)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 21:09:33 -0500 From: KEITH R BUSBY <kbusby at facstaff.wisc.edu> Subject: carbonation and Roeselaere I am running a bit behind with some brews I want to serve at a function on July 31. I will be bottling 2 weeks before the event. This is usually pushing it a bit, but I have been told I can speed up carbonation by storing the bottled beer at a higher temperature than usual (e.g., 80F)for a week or so. This makes sense theoretically, but does anyone have any experience? TIA. On another topic, I recenty brewed a batch of pseudo Flanders Red with the Wyeast Roselaere. It seemed to have an off-flavor (which was not lacto) and so I dumped it and did another. Same result. I am anal about sanitation and am convinced it is not infected equipment. I have used the Roselaere before to good effect, but not only did these batches seem to be infected, they also seemed to have little sourness. Keith Keith Busby Professor of French and Chair Department of French and Italian The University of Wisconsin 618 Van Hise Hall Madison, WI 53706 (608) 262-3941 (608) 265-3892 (fax) Return to table of contents
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 22:39:15 -0400 From: Pat Babcock <pbabcock at brew.hbd.org> Subject: re: Not out of the woods... Greetings, Beerlings! Take me to your lager... stencil <etcs.ret at verizon.net> writes > No luck, either, with receiving the HBD by e-mail... On Saturday I > un-fubbed, > re-fubscribing again on Sunday, and was rewarded with HBD #4557. > Since > then, > nada (two editions appeared on the web site in the interim.) That > one > success, and the ongoing receipt of the Cheese Digest, make it > unlikely > that > Verizon is filtering out things originating at <hbd.org>. > > Umm, uh, is it something I said? Yup. I'm well aware of the delivery issues with the HBD at present. Interesting that you recived one immediately after resubbing - I'll have to look into that phenomenon. In any case, the method used for the "probe" appeared to have reached all subscribers, and I'm in the process of developing a (less painful...) delivery process based on that. In the meantime, please bear with and read on the web, rec.crafts.brewing, etc. I _will_ restore email delivery; however, not before I can do so without filling hte HBD server with garbage mail (shich the probe method, unfortunately, did - it literally took days to clean up after that...) See ya! The Troll Beneath The HBD Bridge. Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 21:19:56 +1000 From: "Grant" <gstott at primus.com.au> Subject: Tour of Boags Brewery G'day all, When I finally had one digest come through I had hoped that they would continue. I have this vain hope that posting may help trigger something. To keep it beer related. Should anyone do a tour of the Boag's brewery in Tasmania, it is probably not a good idea to ask the guide if 16 deg. C is a bit warm to ferment lagers. Our guide certainly seemed a bit miffed. p.s. Pat I appreciate your hard work keeping the digest going. If your ever in these parts your welcome to a few beers on me. Grant Stott [9906, 260] AR (statute miles) or [15942.2, 260] AR [Km] Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 08:24:10 -0400 From: Alan McKay <amckay at neap.net> Subject: wha? no more Prime Tabs? Huh? No more Prime tabs in Canada? Is this for real? WHat's up with that, Domenick? - -- http://www.bodensatz.com/ TCP/IP: telecommunication protocol for imbibing pilsners (Man-page of Unix-to-Unix beer protocol on Debian/GNU Linux) Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 05:25:21 -0700 (PDT) From: William Richter <richterrex2004 at yahoo.com> Subject: Wheat beers Well again, I appreciate the HBD being back. The reason I started homebrewing is because I love wheat beers, which are either expensive or unavailable here. After making a few (terrible) extract weizens, I started doing all-grain. My first all-grain wheat beer was awesome! My favorite commercial example is Franzikaner, and I'd like something along that line. I'm a novice, but I have a few all-grain brews and about 20 extract brews under my belt. I think I know about fermentation temps and yeast selection. I guess I'm looking for recipes and hints for making all-grain hefeweizens. Thanks for any help you guys can provide. William Monterey, CA Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 07:30:53 -0700 From: Demonick <demonick at zgi.com> Subject: PrimeTabs Brian Lundeen asks: >Why Domenick, why? Do you hate Canadians or something? Are we not worthy >of your little sugar pills? I tried contacting you by email many months >ago about this and I never heard back from you, so maybe a little public >prodding will get an answer out of you. Seriously, is your product >available in Canada? I would really like to buy it, but not if I have to >deal with customs and cross-border shipping costs. I'll batch prime with >some table sugar before I go that route. Thanks for y'all's interest in PrimeTab. In answer to Brian's question - I am a flake. The reality is that PrimeTab barely makes expenses, even when sales were at their height. My margins are embarrassingly slim. I am a one man shop. Over the last year my REAL job, the one that pays my bills and will finance my retirement, is taking more and more of my time, attention, and energy. The original business plan called for me to get a wholesaler interested in the product, so I would only have a few customers, and could survive with slim margins through volume. Despite repeated entreaties to the few major wholesalers I have been rebuffed, and they have attempted competing products. However, your interest has spurred me to some action, and I will clear my backlog over the weekend. Thanks again, Domenick Return to table of contents
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