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  re: Oats in light colored beer. ("Chad Stevens")
  Re: barley wine (Bill Tobler)
  Re: searching the HBD archives (Petr Otahal)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 21:07:21 -0700 From: "Chad Stevens" <zuvaruvi at cox.net> Subject: re: Oats in light colored beer. Gregg's asking about using oats in light colored beer for head retention.... Proximate Percentile Composition of Cereal Grains (adapted from Haard et al., 1999). Component Wheat Rice Rye Oats Maize BarleyMilletSorghum 1. Starch 60-68 64 72 63 64 56 63 63 2. Water 8-18 Typical 3. Protein 7-18 7.3 8.7 9.3 9.8 11.0 11.5 8.3 4. Pentosans 6.2-8 Typical 5. Ashes 1.5-2 1.4 1.8 2.3 1.4 1.9 1.5 2.6 6. Fats/Lipids 1.5-2 2.2 8.7 6-10 4.9 3.4 4.7 3.9 7. Cellulose 1.0-5 0.8 2.2 2.3 2.0 3.7 1.5 4.1 8. Maltose 0.6-4.3 Typical The important part to note is that oats have a higher fat/lipid content than any other typical brewing grain; twice that of barley and four times that of wheat. Fats and Lipids are bad for foam; their derivatives can be major flavor and aroma contributors however. For ease of understanding in the brewing context, both fats and lipids are made up of fatty acids and are generally not soluble in water but are soluble in acids, alcohol, and bile. Lipids are hydrophobic, as are the large glycoproteins (molecules made of both protein and carbohydrate...albumin and globulin polypeptides...which combine with carbohydrates to form glycoproteins) that make up foam. Lipids compete for position on the bubble surface reducing the ability of the proteins to entrain liquid (Bohnsack et al., 2003). IOW, oats are potentially bad for foam. Typically, to make an ester, all you need is an alcohol and a fatty acid. The number of possibilities is a function of the number of fatty acids available and the number of alcohols available. All of the even numbered C2 to C30 common saturated fatty acids are found in nature. That is 15 fatty acids. The primary alcohol in beer is ethanol. Congeners, or by-products of ethanol production, may include: Pentanol, also known as isoamyl alcohol, Butanol or butyl alcohol, and Propanol. As a group, these higher alcohols, predominantly comprised of isoamyl alcohol, are known as fusel oil or fusel alcohols. So 15 fatty acids multiplied by 4 alcohols are 60 ester possibilities. There are actually many more possibilities; this is simply for illustrative purposes in brewing. Note that fusel alcohol production increases with fermentation temperature. This is one reason why the warmer the fermentation, the greater the complexity of the ester profile. Anyway, more oats, more lipids, more ester possibilities. So when do I want to use oats? If I'm trying to make a very clean Kolsch with a big head, oats are not the answer. A small wheat addition (low lipids) might be a nice addition. If I'm making a Belgian blond or wit and want maximal estertude, oats might be a welcome addition. Hope this helps. Chad Stevens QUAFF San Diego P.S. Start brewing now for America's Finest City Homebrew Competition coming in February. Thanks to all you past contributors (and many winners!). Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 04:39:34 -0500 From: Bill Tobler <brewbetter at houston.rr.com> Subject: Re: barley wine Eric asked about a good yeast to use for Barleywine. For American Barleywines, I like to use an attenuative American yeast like WLP001 or Wyeast 1056, American Ale. Nottingham is also a very good choice as it ferments very clean and you can get a very large cell count. With the liquid yeasts you would have to make a healthy starter or maybe even pitch on top of a yeast cake from a previous batch of a light ale. If you pitch on top of a yeast cake, try to keep the OG of that first beer below 1050 so you don't stress out the yeast. For an English style Barleywine, use an English style yeast like Wyeast 1028 or 1098, or White Labs WLP005 or 006. For dry yeast, Windsor comes to mind, but it only has moderate attenuation, and may leave the gravity a little high. Good luck on your Barleywine Eric. Bill Tobler Lake Jackson, TX (1129.2, 219.9) Apparent Rennerian Brewing Great Beer in South Texas Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 20:08:17 +1000 From: Petr Otahal <petr.otahal at aardvark.net.au> Subject: Re: searching the HBD archives >From: Dean <hbd at deanandadie.net> > >If the janitors are listening to this message, I have a solution to >inconsistent searches. It does not take much effort on their part. If each >individual message was split out from the digest and given it's own page then >information would be separated from other otherwise unrelated information. Dear Janitors Whatever happened to the old hbd search engine at: http://hbd.org/cgi-bin/hbdindex.cgi/hbd_index you can find the link to it from: http://hbd.org/hbd/ It doesn't appear to work anymore, hasn't for some time. This search engine use to search individual messages if I remember correctly. Cheers Petr Otahal Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - -- No virus found in this outgoing message. Checked by AVG Anti-Virus. Version: 7.0.344 / Virus Database: 267.11.1/104 - Release Date: 16/09/05 Return to table of contents
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